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We all have our ups and downs but we must maintain a winners attitude.

Sometimes it feels like it is hard to maintain a positive winners attitude. But I have good news, my friends.

There is a sure fire way to keep a positive winners attitude no matter what the situations, follow these rules I am about to give you.

I’ve been in a leadership role for 6 years before separating from that role.

I have learned many things while being blessed to be in that role. Many of the things I have learned is based in recognizing the power we all have within. When you truly recognize this power that is within, a winners attitude will be your default every time.

Without realizing we all have this innate winners attitude, we betray ourselves. And when we betray ourselves, we tend to lose footing in our winners attitude.

So how can you maintain a winners attitude? Here’s how.

#1 In Order To Maintain a Winners Attitude, Be optimistic

When you are optimistic you are in the slipstream of a winners attitude
Credit: Bruce Mars, Unsplash

This rule right here is underrated, some even call it cliché but it has tremendous power in maintaining a winners attitude.

Being optimistic means that you manage to find the silver lining or the positive in any and every situation.

This logic can be paired with the known adage: “Everything happens for a reason.”

I was reading an article on Medium last night about the power of the “placebo” and “nocebo” effect.

This article emphasized the power of suggestion and its influences on the subconscious mind.

The placebo effect is when the body heals itself on it’s own when given a “drug”(sugar pill) that has no actual effect.

The nocebo effect is the opposite, it is when a drug is given to induce illness but that drug actual has no effect either.

The only difference between these two twins is that the participant is told that one drug will heal them and one drug will make them ill and in both cases the expectations are met.

The power of the subconscious mind is not to be underestimated when it comes to a winners attitude. If you tell yourself that everything will turn out alright, it in fact will. If you do the opposite, then that is true as well.

You might as well adopt the a winners attitude through optimism.

#2 Maintain A Winners Attitude By Getting rid of excuses

A winners attitude is fortified with gratitude
Credit: Simon Maage, Unsplash

Accept 100 percent accountability for everything that happens in your life.

When you adopt this attitude you are on your way to becoming a winner because you become aware that you control one of the most important things, your perspective.

If you walk around acting like a victim all the time then guess what? You will continue to be victimized.

Your vibration is not to be ignored. Check what frequency you’re putting out before you start to point fingers.

Understand that likes attract. If you are constantly FEELING like you are a victim you will attract not only those experiences, but more of the same energy in the form of the people around you.

When someone does something to you, and they will, learn to brush that shit off. Navigate around it without allowing it to mess with your energy.

#3 Do what you love

When you do what you love, you do what you know. When these two things are aligned you are poised to maintain a winners attitude with ease
Credit: Andrew Neel, Unsplash

Many people get upset when they are told to do what they love. But I can’t see it any other way.

Why wouldn’t you do what you love? When you do what you love, you take great care in being good at it. When you are good at it you develop an invaluable self-esteem that you carry through other areas of your life.

When you are anchored in doing what you love, playing to your strengths, you will be a winner.

Some people will never be good at math, or basketball or architecture but maybe they are good at writing. And if writing is their passion, they work at it for some time, that is where they will win.

Doing what you aren’t in love with would breed constant dread in your day to day life.

If you don’t believe me, look at the people who punch a clock everyday just for a paycheck. These people do not like what they are doing. They can’t wait for the weekend to come around.

I use to work with these kinds of people.

Thank god it’s Friday!”

You mean to tell me you dreaded your whole week because you hate what you do?

Do what you love, even if it means doing it on the side until you can make it your full time job.

This is not one of those points that is meant to sound like one of those motivational, entrepreneurial people.

It is 100 percent practical to do what you love because it is accessible. The playing feel to accessing your dreams is more leveled than it was over a decade ago.

Go for it!

#4 Be a vibrational snob

This point is my favorite.

I am picky when it comes to people I hang around. I only like to be around people that have good energy.

Call me a vibrational snob but I know you are too.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. If you hang around a bunch of people who are negative and have heavy energy, you will become that as well.

Get away from the toxic people. You will be adding to your energy by subtracting the negativity in your circle.

Understand that you absorb people’s personalities, attitudes, outlooks on life through osmosis. You cannot help it. The only thing you can do about it is to remove this people from your circle as soon as possible.

Is that elitist? Maybe.

Will it contribute to you being a winner? Yes.

I want to add that these people are more than welcome to stay in your circle if they can rise to your level of positivity. But until they do so, you cannot be around them.

Sure, I may sound harsh but what would you rather? Sticking around only to become resentful towards them? Or moving on and elevating to possibly pull them up with you?

#5 Practice gratitude

“Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the wires which connect them with Him by failing to make acknowledgment.”

Excerpt From
The Science of Getting Rich
Wallace D. Wattles

Choose to practice gratitude everyday.

Rather than focus on losses, focus on wins.

Dwelling on losses only brings more losses into your experience but when you focus on your wins and everything your previous wins brought you, that you possess today, you will undoubtedly maintain that winners attitude.

So many people complain about things that are out of their control. They have so much to be grateful for but it is overlooked by the things that aren’t going their way.

It is understandable. It can be frustrating not to get what you think you deserve but being frustrated over it will do little in maintaining your winners attitude. You have to maintain this attitude because if you don’t, you will slowly but surely end up in a downward spiral of degradation.

The more you practice gratitude, the more you will have to be grateful for.

#6 Believe in yourself!

Another underrated gem.

You have to believe in yourself or you will not get much done.

I, too, struggle with this sometimes. But I will share a little secret with you.

When you lack belief in yourself it is a signal that you aren’t focusing on the correct things.

It could mean that you are focusing in on something that you are not passionate about. Something that you don’t know much about and maybe you need to learn up about it more or choose something else.

The main idea is that when you lack belief, it is a sign that your focus is misguided.

Have belief in yourself. Have belief in your abilities to accomplish what you want to accomplish and you will end up where you envisioned.

#7 A Winners Attitude Is That Of faith

Faith is another difficult thing to have in addition to belief because it requires a hands off approach.

Telling someone who is geared toward being a type A personality, someone who wants to strive for success and development to “have faith” is difficult because they want to control as much of the variables as possible. Yes, I’m talking about you.

It is necessary to know when to ease up on the flurry of activity to let your actions pan out.

Faith stems from having belief that you are doing the best you can. So do the best you can and ease up a bit. Everything will work out.

#8 You can’t prepare for everything so don’t even try

People like to try to prepare for even possible outcome. This doesn’t work. I’ve tried.

The best thing to do is have a detached coolness about whether things turn out how you want them or not.

Develop the attitude of “I will be good no matter what.”

Credit: Josep Castells, Unsplash

When you develop this attitude, you HAVE FAITH that you will figure out whatever comes your way.

If you still insist that you MUST prepare, prepare for the worst possible scenario you can think of.

Prepare for an event that you have made up in your mind then come to terms with the fact that you can recover from even that and devise a way to do so.

#9 Commit

Whatever you set out to do, commit. This is another underrated aspect of developing a winners attitude because it is intangible. Commitment is one of those things that you can’t really see but you know it’s there because it presents itself in the work that is being done.

How to commit?

Many people don’t know how to commit. People think commitment is synonymous with compromise but it is not.

In fitness we have a term that we like. It’s called adherence. Adherence is dictated by tour comfortability with the fitness programs and the circumstances surrounding the fitness programs.

If these circumstances are favorable, then we are able to adhere to the program, follow it as close to the letter as possible WHILE staying consistent, therefore we are able to commit.

Around all of that, you have sacrifice. At some point or along the way you may sacrifice many things such as time with friends and family, certain opportunities, etc.

Understanding commitment is a huge step to adopting this winners, positive mental attitude because commitment allows the enforcement of the vector of positivity.

Commitment is forward moving.

#10 Focus on the process not the goals

Your goals serve as your true north but the route you take can be any process you deem necessary, pick the one you like and focus on it.

There are many ways to compute a math equation and bet the right answer, I learned this in calculus when the professor marked my answer incorrect for not doing it HIS way.

Forget that.

Your goal is what gives you direction, your process is the route that gets you there. Pick on you are most likely to enjoy, you’re probably not, but do so anyway.

During the process focus intently on every step of the way. Avoid measuring how much further you have got to go to get to your destination because it will demoralize you.

Imagine having a long trip, you take a nap in the passenger seat and waking up to see that you have only gone 5 percent of the way?

The idea is to get lost, to get so obsessed with the process that you can’t hear anyone or anything. And by the time you look up, 5 years has gone by and you’ve surpassed your goal.

What’s interesting about the goal and the process is that it is never really about the goal. The process is more than enough.

Look at big time billionaires.

In my opinion, it looks as if they enjoy what they are doing so much that making a certain dollar amount was never really their goal in the first place.

Seriously, imagine, you set out to hit a goal and you end up so in love with doing the thing that is suppose to get you there that you have lost track of your proximity to the goal.

Credit: Wilson Szeto, Unsplash

How many of my writers sat down to write about something they loved and their goal word count was 1300 or so only to begin writing then looked up and they have 2500 words?

This is what the process is about. Find your process. Use your goal as true north and get to work.

#11 Obsession

I want to emphasize obsession by piggy backing off the previous rule.

Find what you love, set a goal and get OBSESSED.

You want to know how to calm your mind? Obsession is the answer.

When you get so obsessed that you enter into this flow state where nothing and nobody else exists for a stretch of time, you get addicted.

You learn what true peace is when you get locked into obsession mode.

Winners get obsessed. You can’t tell me otherwise.

There’s no “half pregnant” with winners. They go all in and lose track of time.

You want to develop a winners attitude? Be obsessed.

You don’t know what to get obsessed about? Try many different things. Throw shit at the wall to see what sticks.

#12 A Winners Attitude Is That Of The Wise

When I say learn to be wise I mean…learn in order to be wise.

Many curve balls will come your way. Learn to adapt enough times that you see the pattern in life. That is wisdom.

As the above point stated about not preparing for the worst, this is why you don’t try.

Life has a way of throwing some shit your way and there’s nothing you can do about it but yield and adapt.

Read as many autobiographical books as you can. These people will show you the patterns of life. They will show too that there are ups and downs. Some people mainly have some low lows, others have the highest of the highs but you will see that they have gained a certain level of wisdom.

#13 A Winners Attitude Does Not Give A Fuck What Others Think

“You want to be a winner? Do not give a shit about what these people are saying, thinking or feeling. Sympathize from a distance.”

This should have been #1 but I’m saving the best for last. Do not give a fuck what others think.

I learned this recently. I mean before I understood it on an intellectual level but at this particular point in my life I have truly embraced this.

When you are embarking on the hero’s journey there are going to be many naysayers.

People will find the negative in everything you say and do.

These people cannot stand to see you go out there and get some. Not only are you going out there to get some, you are going it in an unconventional fashion.

You see, many people are “sheep,” even the ones who don’t think they are sheep are sheep. They are following a script that was fed to them.

When anyone else deviates from that script, they start to panic because it signals to them that maybe they don’t have to follow the script.

They think:

Hey, why am I doing things this way?”

When YOU start to cause them to question their current way of life, they experience cognitive dissonance. The way you are behaving, thinking, talking doesn’t align with their closely held beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, speech.

The only way to resolve this uncomfortable state within is to attack what they see without, which is you.

They start to feed you all sorts toxic shit like: self doubt, pessimism, skepticism, cynicism, self deprecation and they do it in such a fashion that makes it appear as if they are referring to themselves, which they are but it is a detonation of an amalgamation of this cluster of toxicity that makes YOU a casualty.

This goes back to avoiding this kinds of people. Be vibrational snob but further more, if you ever encounter these kinds of people, do not listen or give a shit about what they think because they aren’t thinking at all.

They are nothing but NPCs(non-player characters) who are trying to keep you within a pre-written script.

You want to be a winner? Do not give a shit about what these people are saying, thinking or feeling. Sympathize from a distance.

A new life

In conclusion, developing a winners attitude is not limited to just these rules. Feel free to share some more with us in the comment section BUT remember, if you want a new life, you need a new attitude.

Having the outlook on life you currently have now, will not get you to the destination of your dreams later. There has to be a switch.

That switch has to reside in your attitude. It requires a new attitude…

A winners attitude.


Anthony Boyd


Oh, I want to add a very important point.

On this path to becoming the most advanced version of yourself, there are going to be people who try to tell you how to do what you are doing having never done it. Ignore them. They are just trying to distract you.

There is no way they can tell you how to do what you are doing. They do not see your vision.

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