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Many people think that training is as simple as lifting things up and putting them back down.

It is but it isn’t.

You are potentially wasting lots of time doing these three things in the gym.

Doing these three things defeats the purpose of you even being in the gym.

What are these three things?

  1. Too much volume
  2. Too many exercises
  3. Extensive rest periods between sets

When you are training, in order to have a training effect, you have to adhere to proper parameters.

There’s no telling how much time you’ve wasted but I’ll key you in on the right amount of each of these aspects.

Too much volume

Doing too much volume will set you back. If you annihilate you’re muscles with endless volume, you will not be recovered enough to go at it again when it’s time, you’ll lose motivation and gains in the long run.

So I’m going to make this simple for you. 5 sets of any rep range for your primary movement is more than enough to get you started.

Pick a barbell movement for that particular day to hammer your form, technique and your prescribed set-rep ranges.

For example, if you’re training chest that day, go to the barbell bench and spend some time under the bar but don’t over do it. You want to stimulate the muscle. Figure out the proper volume for this by trial and error or follow a program.

When you’re doing this by trial and error, pick a rep range that feels good, perform 4-5 sets of this and just add weight each week or session.

Too Many Exercises

I see some people hitting each muscle group from every freakin angle in one session.

This is unnecessary. Pick an angle for that session then work that angle with the appropriate amount of volume.

Pick a different angle to work that same muscle group from on a different day.

For example, back day. You can split back day up into two angles(or plane of motion). You can train the vertical plane(lat pull downs) on one day then you train the horizontal plane(seated barbell rows) on another day.

This way you can do 2-3 exercises for one plane of motion then on the next back day you can do another 2-3 exercises for another plane of motion. Or you can mix it up.

A vertical dominant day, 2 movements vertically and 1 horizontally then a horizontally dominant day, 2 horizontal movements and 1 vertical.

The perks of doing it this way is you get to hit the planes of motion twice per week plus you don’t run the risk of burning out from too much volume.

Extensive Rest Periods between sets

Too many of you be on your phone during your training session.

Leave your phone in the car.

When you’re training you are suppose to be TRAINING.

There is a reason why it’s called training. Rest periods should be 60-90 seconds when working on building endurance and hypertrophy focused training.

For example, when I’m doing an 5 sets of 10s phase for any given movement, I only rest 60 seconds.

The pump is fuckin AMAZING after. Also, the next session I am able to move heavier weight QUICKER and more efficiently due to last sessions short rest periods.

THIS is how you train.

Imagine being well recovered, stronger, having more stamina and being overall in good shape.

Considering these three mistakes will transform your training and physique.

Sometimes it’s not the overly complicated things like barbell complexes that matter.

Most of the time it’s the little details that make a world of difference in your training.


-Anthony Boyd

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