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From the outset of this whole coronavirus episode, I’ve noticed how the MSM panders to the fear of the masses. Now to be fair, I’m not saying that there isn’t anything to be concerned about. There is much to be concerned about when we consider the rate at which infections are occurring.

But I often wonder if the media, at the scale as it exists now including social media, would have the same impact on people back in the day who had basic life skills to navigate something like this.

People who were connected to their own mortality in such an intimate way that they had a legitimate sense of urgency that meant harnessing this urgency to deal with problems effectively.

The people of those times didn’t have problem focused mentalities because they were much more self-sufficient i.e., they were growing more of their own food, hunting, etc.

I’ve avoided specific mention of this pandemic in many of my most recent articles because I refuse to let any of my work be marked by the moment in which they were created.

I was taught to write pieces that would stand the test of time so that when people dig up this civilization 2000 years from now, they’ll find gems that are applicable to their time.

Today, an overwhelming majority has problem focused mentalities. Our mind orients it self around our problems, prostrating itself to them.

I’m going to assume that you agree that this needs to be addressed and changed.

How do we change this?

Before I get into this. I want to let you know that fear is a disease. It is unnatural. It is not of this world. It’s not of this world because fear doesn’t exist in the present moment. It exist purely within our own minds. It exists within the psychological timeframe of the future. How can something hurt you in the future if you live in the present.

This is different from danger. Danger is natural. We’ve evolved biological basics to deal with danger. For example, fight or flight reflexes. People underestimate the human will to survive. It resides not only within the divine mind but within our lizard brain.

If you want heal yourself of fear, one way to do it is accept your death.

I did something pretty foolish back in 2017 for my 30th birthday. I went sky diving. But it was in this foolishness that I learned to live. Planning for this jump was fun. Climbing 13,000ft to where I would inevitably jump wasn’t. I got so panicked that the only way to relieve myself of this fear was to accept the fact that I could die. Added to the fact that out of the three tandem instructors my friends and I were jumping with, I was attached to the one with the least amount of jumps.

When we accept the fact that we are going to die eventually, we align with present moment awareness in order to enact a sense of urgency. Our senses are “fine tuned.” We now have access to much more information than previously when our mind was dominated by fear.

Get rid of your problem focused mentality by doing these things

1 — Never Stop At Identifying The Problem

When we stare into the problem long enough, we see ourselves staring back at us.

This is the issue with stopping at the problem. We end up identifying with the problem. I’ve grown up seeing people identify problems all around them. It becomes their way of life. If a solution comes along they cannot see it because it is out of their wavelength.

In some cases, the solution is right there in front of them, undeniably. But they actively ignore the solution. They even hate the fact that the solution exist. Many times they go to lengths to destroy the solution as to maintain identification with the problems around them.

We have enough negative Nancy’s in the world. We need more solution minded people. When you see a problem, don’t stop there. Find the solution. Create the solution. Collaborate with others to find the solution.

Also stay away from everyone who has a problem for every solution.

2 — See Problems As Opportunities For Growth

I’ll admit when I come across problems, I react negatively at first. But not for long. I see problems as opportunities to grow from.

Growing up I use to play role playing games(RPGs) such as Mario RPG, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. In each of these games you have to fight “bosses” that give you “exp” to level up with. Exp stands for experience points. When you face problems they present potential to earn exp to use to level up with. When you avoid problems, you’re forfeiting the fortification of renewing experience.

Change the way you see problems. Look at them as opportunities for growth. Don’t shrink before them. Have an “I can and I will” attitude and you’ll be able to move mountains.

3 — Fall In Love With Math

One of the reasons why I am wired to be an optimist is because I have an education in engineering which meant enrolling in tons of math classes.

I had to take so many math classes including calculus, that my mind was hardwired to be a problem solver forever. I learned that in math, there’s always a solution to the problem and many different ways to solve the problem.

In my integer calculus class(calculus 2,) I came up with a creative solution to a homework question the professor had never seen before. Now due to his ignorance he didn’t give me credit for it by marking it correct but that speaks to the one dimensional nature of the educational system. They teach people to be one dimensional. The teach people what to think instead of how to think.

Be multi dimensional by being open to solving problems in a multitude of ways. Have the curiosity, the hardiness to hunt down multiple solutions for problems.

4 — Remember That Your Mind Is Divine

You’re not on the level of your problems. You’re above them. When you understand this, you increase your sense of the playing field. You’re able to zoom out and see the big picture. This is characteristic of a mind that is divine. You are able to tap into God’s power by understanding that you are not limited to one scope of life, your own two eyes.

Look to spiritual grounding for ways to get out of this limited scope. When you can find a discipline, spiritual practice or anything that allows you to set aside yourself from the problem you’re able to come back to it with wisdom.

Some examples of taking some time aside from the problem is “sleeping on it.” When you sleep on it, your subconscious mind is able to present to you a solution that your conscious scope couldn’t see.

5 — Have Faith

One of the most powerful things you can use in your arsenal against problems is switching from a problem focused mentality to a faith focused mentality.

Sometimes solutions will not present itself no matter what you do. The wise thing to do is to leave well enough alone. All you need to do is find something that you can control or work on, the tiniest of steps and start from there having faith that everything else will reveals itself to you in due time.

Life is an unfoldment. You can’t see everything as everything hasn’t happened yet. You have to let life unfold and reveal things to you over a period of time. This is why variable exist.

Faith is a way to deal with those variables.

Matthew 6:34(KJV) says:

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Tomorrow will take care of itself as you will be right there with the necessary resources to conquer whatever is in your path.

6 — Brute force through will power

Mark 11:23(KJV) says:

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

When we have everything readily available to us we still find ourselves unable to follow through. It’s like hesitating to jump from one area to another. This is understandable.

Use brute Will is sometimes necessary to accomplish what we think is impossible. Switching from a problem focused mentality to a mentality fortified with sheer will, the force of just going at it, not letting the ego scare us out of taking action is all it takes.

When you show difficult circumstances that you’re not willing to back down but step up to the plate, these difficult circumstances get out of the way.

If you want to build your will power and you’re not sure how using affirmations are a great way to do so.

You have to affirm to yourself each and everyday that you will never let anything stand in your way. Life is a big mind game. Convincing yourself that you have what it takes is a huge part of the battle.

Remember Solomon’s Paradox

Solomon’s paradox states that we are better equipped to solve problems that are not of our own. When it comes to problems of friends, family, co-workers we become therapists, doctors, lawyers, etc.

We are expert in the affairs of others while ours torment us.

Treat your problems as you would another’s problem. Create distance from them. When you do this from a birds eye view, you’ll suddenly find yourself equipped with the ability to navigate your problems with precision.

What do you notice as the underlying theme through out this piece? It is about acceptance of what is while activating your divinity.

It bothers me that so much of our society is hypnotized into fear. We don’t have any system in place that addresses this adequately.

However, recently we have been seeing mainstream acceptance of new age ideas that address our divinity. But it’s mainly through the guise of quasi-prosperity preaching.

If you’re here, take your life seriously. Taking your life seriously means guarding your peace. Fear is from the evil one. It is not of you.

Banish fear from your heart. Switch from a problem focused mentality and step into your purpose here in life. You weren’t meant to live in fear and consume.

That’s all we do. Live in fear and consume. Consume and live in fear. While it is profitable for those who deploy clickbait economics, it’s not profitable for your spirit and those around you.

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