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We humans tend to make life much more complicated than it needs to be. This is all due to our mental attitude.

I, like you, am a type A personality.

I tend to be competitive (I pretend as if I am not), obsessed with work, hard driving and everything else that comes with this label.

Sometimes I wish I can be this evenly keeled guy who doesn’t let anything bother him. It seems a more relaxed mental attitude is much more lucrative.

However, a wise person once said

“The obstacle is the way.”

You’re probably the same way.

Stressed all the time, neurotic, trying to calculate all of the unforeseen variables for the best outcomes. This is not a mental attitude that is becoming of a peaceful person.

It never works no matter how hard you try. As a matter of fact, you make things worse when you try to organize life how you see fit.

It’s like wiping a muddy mirror with a muddy rag. Or trying to shovel while it’s still snowing.

So, how do we get past this point?

How do we transform into a person who is light hearted, free, not pressured by the world?

First, you have to ask yourself…

The Question…

Is there something other than my conditioned mind, something other than that which makes me go deeper into the traps of suffering in this life?”

Stop pretending not to pretend

In order to break out of this cycle of self torture, we have to stop pretending not to pretend like we have everything together. A mental attitude of denial is damaging.

Truth is, no one has their shit together.

The pressure to perform is a heavy load that we carry on our shoulders for no reason.

What is it all about? A mental attitude of deep rooted insecurity?

Be completely, utterly alright with yourself and whatever comes your way.

There are times when I don’t know what the fuck to do. Then I sit there. I just sit there watching everything fall apart around me only to see it come back together in beautiful fashion.

I then throw my head back and laugh a maniacal laugh because in that moment I understand.

We do not have an obligation to have it all together.

We have an obligation to to be our 100 percent authentic selves.

When you stop worrying about making that next deadline, making that extra dollar, worrying if someone is going to steal your significant other, you will be your authentic self.

There’s no need to pretend. Just let go. Be yourself.

Little by little you can remove each brick of oppression from your back.

First comes the vow…

I told you earlier that I am a type A personality who has this obsession with being the best I can be.

What I didn’t tell you is the vow I have taken over seven years ago.

This vow has allowed me to bring balance to my life. It has given me a true north to obey at all times.

It is simply this…

I vowed to put understanding before everything else.

Anything that tries to come between me and understanding is ignored. It is rejected.

Why? Because I became tired of being a slave to my mind, my emotions an unproductive way of life.

I promise, if you take this same vow you will have the whole universe behind you.

Imagine, living your life carefree. Handling your day to day affairs without any anxiety. Just doing what it is you usually do without that ambiguous discontent buzzing in the background of your mind.

Then comes getting rid of the wrong mental attitude…

If you want to make room for the new, you have to get rid of the wrong mental attitude..

Getting rid of old, toxic mental attitude is of utmost importance.

What I want you to do is get a journal of some sort, or you can choose to do this in the form of a blog and publish it if you’re brave.

In this journal/blog, you are going to publish one entry per day admitting a wrong mental attitude you have observed in yourself.

The first thing you are going to notice is inner resistance to this admittance of this wrong mental attitude.

You are not going to want to do this. However, it is essential to write these things out to bring awareness to the psychic clutter you hold onto.

This old, stagnant mental attitude keep you from becoming your authentic self. They keep you from reaching that aforementioned level of understanding.

I wrote something called “morning pages.”

This entailed writing for 15 minutes straight first thing in the morning when I woke up.

I didn’t even brush my teeth before I started writing.

These series of entries consisted of these wrong mental attitudes:

  • I was pretending not to pretend(being fake)
  • Playing the strong silent type
  • Being suspicious of people for no reason
  • Being pessimistic
  • Lacking self confidence
  • Not doing the best I can

These were just a few of the wrong mental attitudes I had exorcised from within.

I put them down on paper to bring awareness, to bring light to what was hiding in the darkness.

When you shine light on demons lurking in the shadows, it serves the purpose of disinfectant.

Do this for 30 days and see what you can dig up.

Now ask yourself this question…

“Who is asking the question?”

I want you to ponder on this for as long as it takes, maybe for a lifetime or two.

Who is asking the question?”

Let’s go a step further…

Who is LISTENING to the question that is being asked in the first place?

Until next time.


– Anthony Boyd


I’ll give you a hint, search the term “Koan.”

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