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You’re scared, fearful, lost. You’ve let fear become your master.

Fear is a powerful thing. But the thing with fear is that it is only powerful so long as you feed it energy.

People that aren’t living their dreams or not trying to live their dreams are being controlled by fear.

Ironically enough, fear drives those who are working toward their dreams. I know it drives me.

The fear of staying the same terrifies me. I know that there is potential deep within that I have yet to realize. But I LOVE myself more than I am fearful of anything that can happen.

People have a love affair with fear. They enjoy the thrill it gives them. Quite frankly, indulging in fear is a form of masochism.

If you’re considering doing something but you’re fearful of doing so, ask yourself the question: what’s the worst that can happen?

Nothing bad will happen at all. You’re just so hung up on fear. You’ve created scenarios in your mind that’s highly unlikely to happen.

You want to quit your job to start your own business but you’re scared your going to fail. You’re also scared of what others might think. You’r scared that when you fall flat on your face, and you will, that people will laugh at you.

You want to lose weight and get in shape but you’re afraid your friends and family won’t support you on your journey. You’re scared that they’re going to crap on your dreams.

I know people who had weight loss goals within families of unhealthy individuals. It was difficult being around that energy but they’ve gotten it done because of their lack of letting fear control them.

Fear has a strangle hold around your throat. But you kind of like it.

This is where your identity is hung up.

There’s huge rewards to be had if you give up this identification with being fearful.

I’ll put it like this though, you don’t deserve the rewards.

Why would you deserve the rewards?

You betray the God given gifts you have within. You forgo them for baseless, imaginary scenarios.

If you truly think you deserve the rewards life has to offer, dig deep into the question: what’s the worst that could happen?

Here’s An Exercise

With your full awareness, consciously risk the loss of whatever it is you fear to lose before you “lose” it and you’ll suddenly lose the fear of losing it.

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