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Many people tell me that they want to lose or gain weight. But when they do, they are no happier than they were before they started. Why is this? A male who is 6′ 200lbs and strength trains looks different than a male who is 6′ 200lbs and sits on the couch all day eating chips.

This is because of “Body composition.” Body composition is the way our mass, fat and muscle, come together to form our body and overall fitness level. One who consistently trains and diets will have a better body composition than one who doesn’t. So what does this say about the people who want to “lose weight.” Maybe they didn’t want to lose weight at all, maybe they just wanted to recompose the way their fat and muscle mass is distributed.

Fat and muscle look and feel different on the body. One pound of muscle and one pound of fat displaces differently on the body. Lowering body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass is how recomposition works. This has to be done through proper diet and exercise.

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