Episode #21 | The Uncanny Valley

In this episode we explore "The Uncanny," specifically as it relates to A.I. and Robotics. The Uncanny Valley is the chasm which we approach and enter into as robots become increasingly reminiscent of human beings in their likeness. We start off by exploring the background of the uncanny as it relates it its pioneers. Pop culture references such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror were explored in this podcast as well.

The Bad Buddhism Podcast

Join intellectual pragmatist, Anthony Boyd for illuminating discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast educes the undercurrents of life through lectures, interviews & candid spoken word that explains how individuals and society is shaped by philosophy, religion, mythical archetypes and more. You will gain fresh insight into your own potential for creativity, unfoldment and self actualization. Podcast Art By: Gyuri Lohmuller

The Bad Buddhism Podcast Episode #18| The Echo Chamber: Mechanisms Of The Decline Of Civil Discourse

This was a very challenging episode for me to do because it is such a broad topic despite how specific the title appears. In this episode we attempt to tackle the problem of the decline of civil discourse through the reasoning of a psychological lens. First we approach it with a potential solution, then we work backwards toward the origin of the issue. Most importantly, we talk about what happens to the individual throughout all of this and how they are effected.

The Bad Buddhism Podcast Episode #17 | The Mandela Effect or False Memories?

In this episode, we put on our tin foil hats to explore The Mandela Effect. This episode, although inspired by a previous episode, allows us to engage our imagination in order to take a peak into the paranormal. Towards the end we balance everything out with some good ole rational thought and reasoning.

The Bad Buddhism Podcast Episode #15|Do People Change? & The Doppelgänger

In this episode we explore the inner workings of the human psyche via the question of whether people change or not. What is the motivation behind this question? Why do we care to know if people change? We also explore the mythical doppelgänger through the premise that it is that physical manifestation of the shadow archetype.