Vlog 9 | The Mindset Gap: The Dichotomy Of Mental Attitude

Vlog 9 | The Mindset Gap: The Dichotomy Of Mental Attitude

Reading Time: < 1 minute The mindset gap is an interesting concept to me. I have always been aware of the fact that mindset varies in individuals but I never really thought to articulate it as such because I always thought that raw talent is what made people successful. That is until I started to see the internet reach the scale that it is today. It seems as though hard work beats raw talent when raw talent refuses to work hard.

I learned over the last 5 years or so, that if you have a go-getter mindset, despite having little talent, you can achieve much more than those who have a lot of talent with a no-getter mindset. Yes, I’ll admit it, in my naiveté once upon a time I thought that all one needed was to be blessed by talent and success would fall into their laps.

The internet change all of that. It seems now that one can develop talent just so long as they apply relentless pressure consistently.

Vlog 6 | Paradigm Shifts

Reading Time: 3 minutes The other day I was perusing Instagram when I came across a post from a young lady educating her timeline on botany. She showed us a plant with a withered leaf and said that the withered leaf is due to redistribution of nutrients to a new leaf that is in the early stages of growth. This made me think of paradigm shifts.

Vlog 5| Attraction & How To Be Attractive

Vlog 5| Attraction & How To Be Attractive

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this impromptu video I explain attraction within two contexts using a simple physics equation(lol).

Attraction in the context of dating and the context of success.

When people think of attraction, they think of the external factors such as physical features, dress, etc. People also typically relate attraction to money, status, power and other social cues.

Attraction is a function of what we have inside, our center of mass or as I explain in this video, m in the equation F = ma.

The more you add to your center of mass by way of a wide array of interests, hobbies and values, the more you inside your magnitude of attraction.