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The Lamp Of Your Body

This podcast mainly deals with our focus. Our attention creates our reality by way of perpetuation of the things we focus on. We live in a world where content is the main focus of our being.

I address the benefits of giving attention to wholesome content. When we value our attention we improve the health of our being. The “lamp” of our body can be interpreted as the five senses which is the same as the content we give our attention to.

In other words, our focus mirrors the content therefore showing up within our beings. The attention we give to whatever we are focusing on colors the perception of our past, present and future.

This is important to understand because our past experiences can be looked at in a healing light or a further damaging, traumatic perspective.Therapists know the value of attention and they use it to reshape and recolor the narrative of the dialogue or the “lamp” within.

What Is Attraction?

We also explore what attraction is within the context of dating. Many of us betray ourselves by not using our attention to attract the the success and people that we want.

We use our attention unknowingly to draw experiences that we don’t want to live. In this segment, we define attraction and apply it to the context of not only dating but for personal success as well.

In the context of dating, we have to remember that we have to be what we attract via attention. Many of us want what we aren’t. This is not fair to those who work on being a better version of themselves, day in and day out.

Sources: The Bible – Luke 11:33-36, The Dhammapa- Chapter 3:36

Music: Ryan Little – Birth(Free Download: Ryan Little – Marathon(Soundcloud:…)

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