Family Is Your Most Potent Source Of Power

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Your Most Potent Source Of Power

In western society we have been sold into the idea of rugged individualism. So much so that we have abandoned our aspirations for a strong family, the most potent source of power we have access to. 

Your family is where you learn many of the important values that you eventually carry into the world. 

Without your family, you are undoubtedly selling yourself short in the long run. 

And don’t get it twisted. 

Family doesn’t always have to be blood. 

Family can be a group of friends you’ve formed close knit bonds with. 

“The blood of the covenant, is thicker than the water of the womb.” 

Which ever lane you choose to ride in, whether is family through a covenant or family through the womb, you will benefit either way. 

In this video I am going to talk with you about the importance of having a strong family. 

Your Most Potent Source of Power

I want to talk to you about the strongest source of power in the world, even stronger in the western world if you don’t willingly give it up.

During certain periods of my life I’ve been through some traumatic events and I doubt I would still be put together, in one piece, without my family.

Every time I get down on myself, pity myself, start to feel pathetic, my family is there to remind me that I am much more capable than I realize. 

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” 

Maya Angelou

You see, your family is where you come from. It is YOUR source of self. And when I say self, I’m speaking in terms of your DNA.

This DNA contains within it, potential that has yet to be activated. 

Having a strong family yields a strong sense of self. 

Having a strong family with a sense of self unlocks untold amounts of potential. 

I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 21 years old. 

When I finally did, and found out how successful he is and what he does for a living, it helped me figure out what I am capable of achieving via DNA. 

Before I met him, I was subjected to what the world TOLD me I was capable of. 

Unfortunately, some of us come from dysfunctional families. 

The DNA there might be a bit compromised in regard to epigenetic circumstances. 

But what I’m speaking of here is a source of power that we forego for the matrix that is consumerism, social media and a host of other things that pales in comparison to family.

Once upon a time I was a lone wolf who didn’t think I needed a family.

Boy was I wrong. 

I went out, striking on my own to make a life for myself. 

When you have  strong family, you’re not alone. 

You can brave the world with confidence because you are consistently reminded of who you are.

You are steadily revitalized with confidence and poise. 

Having a strong family should be valued above all else, including money.

If you are thinking about moving out pre-maturely, allow me the opportunity to convince you otherwise. 

As a matter of fact, live with your parents for as long as possible. 

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” 

Brad Henry

If I can change anything about my 20s it would be to live with my mother as long as I could. 

I come from Jamaican roots where you’re encouraged to follow the rules or get out. 

I chose the latter of course and went about my business.

I ended up renting a little basement apartment in Mount Vernon, New York. 

Now I’m not going to say that I completely regret because I don’t. 

I learned A LOT surviving on my own and I made a great friend that is my past landlord til this day. 

But I was paying rent, while going to school full time and being consistently broke after I paid all my of bills. 

Now people might be reading that while living with their family, sharing a bed with their younger siblings and thinking it is the dream to have your own place. 

Trust me, it’s not.

There’s nothing to glorify about struggling to make it on your own. 

It is the most anxiety inducing, depressing thing you can go through. 

Final Thoughts

Now, Im well aware that we have introverts in the world who thrive off of solitude. 

Good on them. I thrive off of close interactions with people I care about on a daily basis. 

I would much rather share what I have with a family than to have it all to myself. 

No matter how little it is. 

The happiest time of my life was when my siblings, my mom and I all shared a king sized bed in a one room studio apartment in The Bronx.

We use to eat Chinese food for dinner every Friday, go to the park every Saturday morning in the summer time and go to the galleria at white plains mall on sundays. 

I’m getting goosebumps just remembering the train rides on the metro north.

We couldn’t afford anything but it was fun being with family regardless of it being just window shopping. 

Now a days, there’s this weird distance between all of us. 

I live up here with my family and everyone else is spread out.

It seems as though this is the consensus amongst people in this country, the aspiration of rugged individualism. 

Every one is so divided. 

People are glued to their smart devices and the kids don’t come out to play anymore.

Have you looked around the neighborhood lately? No one is outside playing any more. 

If you can live with your parents or family until you get married, no matter how long that takes, do it. 

You’ll be happier for it.

You’ll  be able to save some money so that when you move out you’re ready for the monthly expenses along with the emergencies that sporadically pop up every now and again. 

But Without family, you’re prone to fear and anxiety. 

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family.” 

Jim Butcher

When you are out there in the world, fending for yourself, paying bills, ignoring your family, you are more prone to the shadows of angst. 

You’re on your own, nobody to back you up, what happens when you fall on hard times? 

It’s not so much the financial support you need.

It’s the moral support.

Money can always be made. But moral support doesn’t just grow on trees. 

We should never underestimate the human will to survive but we should never underestimate the power of family during lean times.

When we have a family to support and a family that supports us, we become FEARLESS. 

We also become a beast of burden in a gratifying way. 

There is no room for fear because only the present moment exists.

Laughing in the presence of loved ones keeps your head above water and your head clear.

You have a sense of clarity and confidence that living alone pre-maturely does not provide. 

I hope that this video gets you to think about the importance of having and creating a strong family. 

Don’t sell yourself short by adopting the idea that “you can make it on your own.” 

Sure you can by why would you want to? 

I’ll close with this Proverb:

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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