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We live in such an abundant society. There’s no reason to go hard and grind anymore.

You look around these days and you see complacency all around. You see people who are overweight, obese, fat and sloppy looking droopy eye and drained.

When we are hungry, we simply go to the supermarket.

When we are lonely, we call up a friend or get on social media.

General safety is at an all time high. Crime is low in many cities today relative to the danger we were once expose to in early human history.

With all of our basic human needs met, how do we keep moving forward to accomplish more?


When I have been gluttonous for an extended period of time, I get lazy and complacent.

Fasting for extended periods of time allows for me to re-engage with doing some of my best work.

It also helps me to remember where I come from.

It reminds me of the time when I was a broke college student living in a basement apartment in Mount Vernon, New York.

There were times when I only had oatmeal and tuna to eat.

All I had was hunger and drive to make it out to better my condition.

I spent much of my 20s in this hungry state.

Me at 140lbs in my basement apartment in Mount Vernon, New York

It was in this state that I learned everything I know now about building websites, writing articles, editing videos, sound engineering, leaderships, strength training, and many more.

The physiological feeling of hunger drove me to move faster and work harder toward a goal I set.

Strength training

I am consistently training hard, year in and year out.

Training the body is training the mind. Building a hard body builds a hard, resilient mind. It keeps us from getting too soft.

Strength training is a great way for us to get all of our pent up aggression out. It is also a good way for us to practice process orientation.

With this skill being constantly honed we are able to carry that over into other areas of our lives.

Practicing the process of taking our time to learn a craft will always benefit us in other areas of our life. It teaches us patience.

It’s never about the goal. It’s more so about the journey to the goal.

Many people think that the goal is where the happiness is. The goal is simply the catalyst that spurs us into action.

The news and your adrenals

We humans are action oriented beings. Our adrenals get charged up when we are presented with immediate danger and we react with flight or fight mode switched on.

But what happens when there is little to no immediate danger presented to us?

We look for our fix elsewhere.

We look for our fix in negative social media and news bias.

The news bombards us with false images that haunt us with the ghost of false dangers.

Fear causes us to falsely trigger adrenal patterns within our bodies through thought forms.

But with no way to fight these dangers off, we are stuck in a false loop of fear.

Get up off your ass, turn off the news and get active. You will be free from the under activation of the adrenals therefore you will be free from the false activation of fear thoughts.

Negative visualization

What would you do if you were to lose everything you are taking for granted now?

The food, clothing, warm bed and roof over your head.

The car you drive, good job and medical benefits.

I want you to imagine losing it all. Feel the emotion of losing it all.

The stoics use to use this technique to spur gratitude.

With these abundant times I think this method is good for spurring us into action.

Jim Rohn has a saying that has struck me and stuck with me for years

If you rest too long the weeds will take the garden.” – Jim Rohn

How true is that? Life is about constant movement. It has a way of humbling you when you try to rest too long.

When you are busy resting, life is advancing.

Negative visualization is a method that keeps us on our toes. Anything can happen. We must be ready to keep moving or we will be over taken by the enemy, the weeds.

Minimize life’s comforts

Take nice cold showers and image what it is like to not have hot water, ever.

Walk to work if it is close enough or take public transportation for a whole month just to mix things up a bit.

I have tremendous appreciation of driving a nice, warm car in the winter because I remember the cold winters I had to walk to work in the snow.

Winter 2014

And guess what?

Nobody gave a fuck. You have to be just as hardy and learn to do without so that when these hard times hit, you can hit right back.

Eat nothing but steak, eggs and oatmeal instead of your fancy 5 star meals every day.

The purpose of this is to develop a certain level of anti-fragility.

We don’t want to get too comfortable and complacent. EVER.

Look around at your life. Take audit of your comforts and eliminate them one by one for an extended period of time.

Learn to do without.

Don’t get comfortable.

Stay hungry, stay ambitious.

Your Friend

-Anthony Boyd

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