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Emotional health is to be cherished just as much as mental health. Some may make the case that emotional health stems from mental health. This is true but if you want an immediately gratifying way to regulate your emotions and mood keep reading.

Life is meant to be lived and now more than ever it seems that being happy is something that many of us are out of touch with.

It’s not necessarily all the crazy things going on in the world. It’s our basic necessity for self care that’s being neglected for emphasis on external pursuits.

Here’s 11 ways to elevate your emotional health.

1 – Build something

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By far one of the most mood elevating tasks is to build something.

This “something” has to be bigger than you. When you build something you have to be “out of your mind” to pull it off. Which means your attention isn’t magnifying harmful thoughts.

Also, when you’re building something it should be providing value to others.

Although we humans are inherently selfish, we are also inherently selfless because we like to help others.

It is gratifying to help others achieve something they want or to even put a smile on their face.

I’m a huge proponent of “giving feels better than receiving.”

Think back to a time you were greedy. How did it make you feel and for how long?

Now, think back to a time when you gave something to someone and it changed their life. How did that make you feel and for how long?

Which one is most sustainable?

2 – Integrate your shadow by being honest with yourself

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Carl Jung was a proponent of making the unconscious, conscious because if we don’t, we run the risk of letting the unconscious manifest as negative circumstances that we will call “fate.”

There are many things bouncing around in us that are dictating our everyday lives. We aren’t even conscious of these things. This leads us to walk into circumstances that are painful to say the least.

Shine light into the shadowy corners of your psyche by being honest with yourself.

Did you get into a bad relationship because you pretended you didn’t see the red flags? Once you’re out of that situation or other situations that you didn’t want to be in, reflect on them. Ask yourself where you went wrong.
Then apply the new found knowledge of self to make you wiser and happier over time.

This wisdom will keep you from screwing yourself over by entering situations that aren’t in your best interest, mentally and emotionally.

Be honest with yourself. Do you hate your current mode of employment? Find a way to get out. The job you hate, where you spend most of your waking hours, is the biggest zap of emotional energy in your life.

Yes, it is a hard feat to achieve but when you do achieve it you will be so much more happier for it.

Imagine, being honest with yourself and addressing all of the problematic things that’s been keeping you down.

It’s equivalent to being in a prison, banging on the bars only having to realize the prison door was open the whole time. All you had to do was walk right on through.

3 – Exercise

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

If you want to stay happy. Stay healthy. Get in shape by curating a regular gym or exercise routine.

Studies show that elevation of mood is associated with regular exercise.
Here are two major mood killers the combination of a sedentary life along with a stressful job.

Imagine sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours or working at a place you hate then going home and sitting on your ass eating potato chips.

This is a recipe for depression.

It doesn’t have to be something complicated. All it takes is going for a walk everyday. Increase the speed at which you walk a little bit at a time. Get a telemetry band to keep track of your heart rate.

Get up and get moving.

4 – Consume content that’s good for the soul

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Many people think that diet exclusively means what you eat.

Diet also means consumption through the senses.

What you see and hear is also as important as what you eat. The content that you consume has a way of either vexing your spirit or inspiring it.

Ask yourself this, is the content you’re consuming through your eyes and ears good for you?(I’m looking at you social media)

How to know if it’s good for you:

  • Pay attention to the way it makes you feel. When you watch it or listen to it does it empower you or discourage you? This includes the well meaning self help stuff that’s out there. Are these channels making you into a better person?
  • After watching it does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Many times we may consume something we think is helping us in the moment only to find later on it actually took something away from us. This can be found in those gimmicky pieces of content that feeds on your fear in order to make a sale or sign up for something that later you’ll regret.

On the flip side here are some ways to get inspired:

Read inspiring books

Books are mediums of high levels of consciousness.

When a book is written, it required the authors undivided attention. This undivided attention, if used wisely produced content that is wholesome in nature.

I have two fundamental rules about what I read, it must teach me something or it must be inspiring. If it can do both then it’s a perfect book to read multiple times over.

Some of the most annoying people I have ever met are people who sit around reading celebrity gossip blogs and social media sites.

What does that teach you? How does that make you any better?
You find that stuff entertaining but how does that allow you to grow in the long run?

Listen to inspiring audio

Photo by Alireza Attari on Unsplash

One of the most passive, educating and inspirational things you can do is listen to audiobooks, lectures and podcasts that breathes life into you.

Technology makes it that even when we’re at some boring job, we can plot our way out into the life we want to live by listening to content that inspires us to radial action.

Instead of listening to crap shows, we can listen to Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas and other motivational speakers that speak to the parts of us that are fully capable of realizing the strongest versions of ourselves.

Make better friends or get rid of the toxic ones

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

The company we keep is content as well. The conversations we have by way of the friends we keep around dictates the health of our inner spirit.

Conversations laden with the freshest gossip or fear mongering is detrimental to your spiritual health.

Many of you know that you should cut off your toxic friends but you’re slow to do it. Bad friendships or friendships that don’t readily present themselves as bad have a way of poison dripping you.

A little at a time this form of spiritual warfare takes its toll on you without you even knowing.

Stay away from movies and documentaries with propaganda

I don’t watch many movies these days. The last movie I recall watching was The Joker. I find The Joker to be an honest villain but that’s a topic for another time.

When you watch movies with any sort of propaganda, you’re outsourcing your mental health to the producer.

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

If you truly want to feel bad about something then be made to do something you really don’t want to do which leads to a perpetual cycle of mental enslavement, watch movies and documentaries.

These pieces of content were made to persuade you into doing something.
The choice is yours. Or not.

Stop listening to music

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

The state of music today is trash. Point blank. Period.

If you’re going to listen to music, listen to something that is upbeat and mood lifting. Specifically something played at 432-Hz(this is a topic for another conversation)

5 – Rethink your morals

You know why people hate God so much? Because God has a set of rules and morals that were set down for us to live by and we avoid them completely.

We live in such an unfulfilling, carnal way.

Too much of the animal distorts the civilised man, too much civilisation makes sick animals.

– “The Eros Theory,” CW 7, par. 32

If you’ve ever heard of “the devils laughter” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

We live in a way that strictly serves our base desires then we’re left feeling empty inside.

Now this is not me evangelizing to you. This is practical psychology at work. If you don’t believe in higher morals. Morals that don’t strictly serve you, then you’re guaranteed to live an unhappy life.

If you want to argue that there is no God, you’ll still have to account for the fact that morals are wired into our DNA.

Live in a way that is conducive to your spiritual, mental and emotional development.

6 – Get off of social media

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

I’m just going to come right out and say it. People who are highly invested in living their life in social media are some of the most miserable people on this planet. And according to some “stats” that’s about 2 billion people.

If you’re going to be on social media, use it for business. Use it to earn.
Consequently, once you are off social media, go hang out with people. Be around real people. Talking to a screen as your main mode of human interaction is not human interaction.

I’m finding more and more that people are having a hard time connecting with other people because they mistake social media for the real world with real people. This is why it’s so easy for people to be mean to others on the internet.

They don’t actually think, or they forget, that a human is on the other side of that screen.

Social media is a virtual reality. Its a world that doesn’t exist.

Think about it. Have you ever went on social media and afternoon having scrolled away for 60 minutes come away with it feeling like you were glad you did that?

7 – Get proper sleep

Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash

This directly ties into the previous point. Get off of social media, put away the screens and get some sleep.

Getting proper sleep improves your mood. Also, when you get adequate sleep, you’re less likely to develop mood disorders.

The blue light from our phones throw off melatonin production. Melatonin is the sleep hormone.

When we stay up all night, on social media, gossiping or whatever else, we wake up tired. We pump ourselves full of caffeine to stay awake at a place we don’t want to be, come home, stay up late then repeat the cycle all over again.

8 – Live for a purpose

Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash

When you live for a purpose, you inadvertently reorder your life to fit that purpose.

You no longer consume content that’s not conducive to your purpose. You no longer stay up late because it’s not conducive to your purpose(unless you’re working on a project).

You no longer have conversations that don’t move you forward.

You reorder your life in such a way that is conducive to a perpetual process of living your purpose.

This becomes more apparent when you’re approaching or are in your 30s.
When you have a defined purpose, your boundaries go up.

You no longer have time for things that doesn’t serve your purpose. The time has come for you to “put away childish things.”

This doesn’t mean that conversing with friends and hanging out is childish per se. But it doesn’t contribute to your maturation of a spirit having a human experience.

Want to improve your overall emotional world? Have a purpose.

Aiming for something larger than self is gratifying in of itself. Actually living that purpose out is another form of gratification that is inexplicable.

9 – Choose the right neighborhood to live in

Photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash

Your mood, mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health are all influenced by your environment through osmosis.

Making the decision to live in an area of like minded individuals that inspire you to be better is important.

There is an ongoing argument about nature vs nurture where it seems as though nature trumps nurture. This position explains that how a person turns out was destined by their genetics.

But I believe in the other side just as much. Your environment plays a part in your development as well.

If you live around people who don’t encourage your talents inherent within, you will become a part of the lowest common denominator. It’s that metaphor about the crabs in a barrel.

Choose a neighborhood that has a bunch of “A” players in it. But remember you have to be an “A” player yourself. “A” players want to be around other “A” players.

10 – Groom regularly

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Take a shower everyday, keep your hair trim and neat. If you can grow a beard, make sure it’s full and not spotty or scruffy. If it’s spotty and scruffy, get rid of it.

How you look on the outside is how you feel on the inside and vice versa.

Yeah, I like to wolf out every once in a while when I’m resetting my beard, but daily grooming keeps my self esteem elevated.

There’s nothing like looking the part. You also have to FEEL the part too.
If you look like a bum, you’ll feel like a bum also.

11 – Eat Right

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

This is the most important.(All of these are the most important).
You need to eat right.

When I say eat right I mean eat according to your bio-individual make up.

Many “health and fitness gurus” hand out cookie cutter diets such as keto, vegan, vegetarian and all the other diet without regard to a persons genetics.

You have to find the right diet in the right quantity that is right for YOU.
How do you do this? By checking your family history. Find out what your grand parents and great grand parents are and experiment with that.

It may not be the same quality because food now a days isn’t really food, but you’ll have a good starting point to work with.

The operative word here is to “experiment.” Consistent experimentation along with doing regular health check ups will guide your in the right direction.

One thing I can help you with is the right quantity. If you’re looking to pack on muscle or lose fat(or both) you want to set your calories and macronutrients up in such a way that is conducive to these goals.

It’s always best to focus on one thing at a time.

So if you’re looking to put in muscle, you have to strength train(of course) along with consuming adequate protein, carbs and fats.

There are many ways you can calculate these. Use the “my fitness pal” app or “eat this much” app to figure out your own, tailor made macronutrients and then follow them to the exact number.

You can also check the strength training & nutrition part of my website for free information on how to get in shape.

That concludes the 11 ways to keep your mood elevated.

All of these things are fundamental and free. The only payment required is relentless discipline. You have to be disciplined enough to consistently apply these basics each and every day.


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