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Hello, Winner Warriors. I’m feeling pretty relentless & motivated today so I thought I’d share some Bad Buddhism with you.

Advice from your friends and family is not meant to help you become successful. That’s right. That advice is to keep you in check. In order to be relentless you have to forgo all of that bullshit.

It’s not their fault. They aren’t being toxic on purpose. They are only trying to help you from their level of understanding. As a Winner Warrior you have to be relentless. If you want to be relentless you have to be silent in your own mind.

Being relentless is forgoing the Mickey Mouse advice from your well meaning friends and family. They want you to be ordinary not exceptional.

Moderation is not the key to success, it’s the key to mediocrity.


Why They Don’t Want You To Be Relentless

Your being relentless will expose their lack of it. They don’t want you to be great because it will expose their mediocrity that exists within. It’s a simple as that.

It’s human nature. You can’t really get mad at it. All you can do is understand it. As a Winner Warrior you’re going to have to accept some harsh truths about people.

One of the harsh truths you’ll have to accept is that people, including your mommy and daddy, will be jealous of you. They want you to be great but not greater than them. It’s a slap in the face.

They’ll present to you a dichotomy of being that will consistent of things like be:

confident but not arrogant,

strong but not too strong,

intelligent but not intelligent enough to escape the rat race,

focused but not obsessed.

This duality is a double mind meant to keep you trapped.

My advice to you is go as extreme as possible. Find your own limits

Prerequisites Of Being Relentless

You’re doing something out of the ordinary. It requires relentless pursuit of the exceptional.

In order to be exceptional, you have to have thick skin. This is also a pre-requisite of being relentless.

The definition of relentless is to be constant in an oppressive manner. In order to keep up this pace of relentless momentum, you need to rid yourself of as much friction as possible.

They is why you need to stop listening to friends and family then you need to develop some real thick skin for the onslaught of defamation.

These people will talk so much shit about you. It will feel as if the world hates you. And they will hate you. The world hates people like you and I.

The ones that take bold, relentless action to pursue their goals, even if this means embarrassment from failure.

But we don’t let failure hold us down because we are Winner Warriors and we are relentless.

Your Relentless Attitude Will Discourage Them

When I started sharing my message with the world I got a lot of hate. Friends and family talk shit behind my back, they still do.

But let me share something with you. After all the years of me being relentless, they’ve become discouraged.

They know I can’t hear them. You see, people feed off of your insecurity. By being relentless you’re keeping up such a pace of action, violence of action, that your insecurities can’t seep in.

People’s words mean nothing to you because you’re not listening. And if you’re not listening then they stop talking. If they stop talking, the lack of friction compounds. You move faster and faster.

The Fork In The Road

While you’re busy being great. Working relentlessly toward your goals, you’ll start to drift apart from friends and family. That’s ok.

As the Winner Warrior you are, you chose this relentless path to success.

I’ve been feeling motivational lately because I’m starting to see things gel together in only a way that consistency could have provided.

I want those of you who are reading this to feel no shame in being relentless toward pursuing what you want out of life.

I want you to be relentless and unapologetic! Take no prisoners. Go after what you want with full gusto.

Fuck anyone who tries to give you unsolicited advice. It doesn’t mean a thing to you.

This relentless nature is a win-win because you will never, ever give up. You will die trying to reach your destiny of the good life.

The Life you’ve always dreams of.


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