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A Revealing Method For Self-Improvement: In order to change into a completely new person, remove any and all obstructions to create a powerful, new you.

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There is a right way to live our lives. Yes, there is a definite, correct way to go about life. Ideally, no one else can tell us what resonates with us, right?

But we don’t live in an ideal world now, do we?

In an ideal world there would be no space for all this “self-help” nonsense because we’d be fluent in the language that our inner being speaks to us with.

It is this aforementioned resonance that allows us to distinguish between what belongs and what doesn’t belong.

I’ll tell you what, though. I’m willing to bet that you’ve got it all wrong. You’re living your life in drudgery, fearing for your future because you’re a bit lost, confused, even.

You’re probably suffering from a myriad of sub-clinical mental health issues that can be managed simply by increasing your current level of discernment.

Let’s imagine you’re walking on a road or trail. You come up on some blockages, branches, debris, etc.

How do you move on?

You’re probably the type to get frustrated, yell, shake your fist at the sky daddy and project blame in every direction.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to make it so complicated.

Just remove the debris. Get rid of what doesn’t belong. The right way is about clearing the impediments.

This could look like ceasing to persist in ways of thinking that doesn’t serve your needs. This could also look like foregoing distractions. It’s also addressing emotional baggage that chains you to mediocrity.

Ironically, many of us try to add things in order clear the blockage. That’s counterproductive. We don’t need to add anything. All we need to do is remove what doesn’t belong. This is called addition by subtraction.

Let’s move away from the esoteric, woo-woo, abstract crap for a second.

How exactly do we change into a completely new person?

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When I was 21 years old I rented a quaint basement apartment in Mount Vernon, New York.

It was a great starter apartment but I knew that’s not where I wanted to stay for too long. It was comfortable and that’s one of the biggest problems I’ve had with it because I was concerned that I’d get complacent.

With social media bubbling up at the time, I saw all of these truly inspirational people, living inspirational lives on my screen. They had nice apartments, hung around beautiful people and went to fun events. They seemed so different than I.

I thought to myself: “How can I get like that?”

I understood that to attract different, I had to become different. And if I wanted to become different I had to be willing to discard many of the limiting beliefs I had. I had to take the “governor” off of my mind in order to activate my potential. Potential that had been suppressed by my upbringing.

I didn’t really know where to start. I had some clues but I knew for sure that I had to change into a completely new person.

Understand that this new person is not so much new as it is someone that has always been there, it’s just that you’ve never gotten to know this person. You didn’t get to know this person because they were stuck under all of the conditioning, obstructions, impediments, etc. You were taught to deal with these blockages with primitive emotion rather than cerebral, clear thought and truth.

You know that person exists because you have this compelling urge to level up.

Or I could be entirely wrong. Maybe you are a slow bloomer and you are compelled to create a whole new person.

Either way, we have to commence looking under the hood of our conscious mind in order to rewire our very being.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

When we want to change into a completely new person, we have to operate on the level of the software that dictates our behavior.

One way to start is by shifting our paradigms, which I’ve gone into detail in the article below: Paradigm Shifts Are Like Pruning Your PlantsThe other day I came across a post from a young lady educating her timeline on botany. She showed us a plant with a…

A paradigm is a model for the way we process information. It’s similar to a filter or a lens through which we look. Shifting our paradigm is important because it provides fertile soil for us to plant the seeds of change I talk about in this section.

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  • Make A Decision To Change — This was probably brought on by necessity. You’ve decided to change because of a revelatory epiphany. When you make a conscious decision to change, you’re directing your subconscious mind into uncharted territory. It is your job, on a conscious level, to keep steering the ship no matter what. It’s akin to typing in a destination on your GPS device. You made a decision to reach that destination, now it’s your job as the driver to steer the vehicle.
  • Commitment — You have to commit to your goal of becoming a new person to move through all the trials and tribulations despite how difficult it becomes. It’s going to be hard. It’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to test you. That’s part of the game. This is why commitment is important. Commitment is doing what you promised to do long after the mood to do it has left you. You’re going to want to turn around because you’re “not feeling it anymore.” But you have to be a person of your WORD because it’s what shapes your whole reality.
  • Audit Your Actions — After awhile, take stock of the actions that have been helping you gain ground. What are the things that have been working? Double down on them. What hasn’t been working? Get rid of them and try something new. When you see things working in your favor, you’ll orient yourself in that direction. In other words you’ll become what you do and what you do is what you’ll become. You’ll be working different parts of your brain. You’ll be waking up neurons in that compartment in order to change your circumstance through your behavior. There’s a term in neuroscience that says “neurons that fire together wire together.” This is essential to reprogramming yourself and becoming a completely new person.
  • Affirmations — Affirmations are one of the strongest tools in your arsenal in order to reprogram your mind. They serve to change your belief system. Affirmations are thoughts. They are phrases you repeat over and over in order to elicit transformations in self. Use affirmations to get rid of your limiting beliefs. When I lived in my little basement apartment, I had learned about affirmations. I started looking up some affirmations, printing them out and taping them all over my apartment. I taped them by my room door so I can see them going out and coming in, by the bathroom door, the front door, my bedroom walls, everywhere. The pre-written affirmations weren’t personal to me so I started tailoring them for my specific goals. The point is that in order to change into a completely new person, you have to speak to yourself like a new person. You have to tell yourself things that may not be true for this version of yourself now, but speaks the person underneath all of that, or the person you see yourself becoming.

I go in depth with this concept by explaining affirmation as taking control of your inner dialogue in the article below: Affirmations: How To Change Your Inner Dialogue For SuccessIf you want to change the direction of your life for the better, you have to change the voice of your inner

  • Gratitude — I know “gratitude” is the word of the decade but it’s the word of the decade for a reason. When you’re grateful for what you have, you get more of the same. Gratitude, while undergoing transformation, is that catalyst that perpetuates your change. When you consciously decide, commit, take action, affirm and throw gratitude into the mix, you’re creating a positive feedback loop of perpetual transformation. For example, when you see progress in a certain area, being grateful for that bit of progress brings more of the same. It also serves to provide elusive motivation.

Change your surroundings

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Your surroundings influences you no matter what you think. Remember, our minds contain a “semi-permeable membrane.” Essentially, we are like sponges that soak up everything within our vicinity.

Six months ago I decided to quit a cushy union job to focus on venturing out on my own. I was edifying my passion bit by bit while working for this corporation but the environment was so toxic that it was poisoning my spirit. The co-workers I got along with are actually my friends til this day but the overall atmosphere was bringing me down so I decided to get out of there.

I’m not telling you to quit your job or anything but the point I’m making is that our environment has the power to make or break us. Only you can decide to what extent you’re willing to have the well of your mind influenced by a poisonous atmosphere.

Here’s a few things to change within your environment in order to become a completely new person:

  • Your Social Circle — By now you’ve probably heard that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This is true. Birds of a feather flock together. There’s no way around it. You have to change your social circle in order to change your self. Once you start networking with people that elevate you, people you aspire to be like, you’ll change for the better. Here’s how you pick an empowering social circle. You reach out to someone and they reach back to pull you up. Then you pay it forward by reaching behind you and pulling them up. That’s it. Find the helpers. BE a helper. What I’ve noticed with all of my mentors is that they had a willingness to help. They never put me down and they invested in me. Successful people will never try to drag you down. That would mean they’re below you. Network with those who have something to offer you AND be sure to reciprocate by asking them what they need.
  • Your Physical Environment — If you can afford it, move out of an environment filled with pollution, too much noise, bad people, etc. OR if you like the busyness of a city, pollution, crowding, move to the city. It all depends on what your vibe is, what you resonate with. I’ve always been a city boy. I moved from New York City to a neighboring city, but I’m learning that I might be the woods/sub-urban type of guy these days. Align yourself with the environment you see your new self living in. Remember, this completely new person is in there somewhere. It’s speaking to you all the time you just have to acknowledge it by listening to it’s voice.
  • Travel — Before this whole Coronavirus virus pandemic hit, I was planning to travel the world. One thing I’ve notice about people who travel a lot is that they have a wide scope of life. They’re wiser. They’ve been to many different countries, seen many different cultures live which contribute to their own personal development. I’ve had classmates who opted out of college and decided to travel for a year straight right out of school. I noticed that they came back to the states a completely new person. They’ve learned new languages, which allows for them to think differently, dress differently, carry themselves differently, etc. If you want to transform, you’re guaranteed to do so by traveling for at least a year.


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In order to be a completely new person, you have to study two things:

  1. Study the ideal person you want to be.
  2. Study what that ideal person knows.

What is the person you want to be all about?

What do they know? In other words, what are their specializations?

If the person you want to be is a lawyer, you obviously have to go to school to study law. If the person you want to be is a doctor, you have to go to school for medicine. But what kind of professional is this person? What are they about? How do they behave?

Most importantly, how do they deliver their gifts and talents through those chosen professions?


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If you truly want to see who you are, what you’re made of and what you’re capable of, not only physically, but mentally, engage in rigorous exercise.

When you’re training your body, you’re simultaneously training your mind.

When strength training, for instance, you’ll reach a place during a long, heavy deadlift set where you think you don’t have anything left. But sheer will and determination kicks in and you reach those “transcendent reps.”

Those transcendent reps are where pure potentiality resides. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll be changed forever. It’s an inexplicable feeling. You’ll keep reaching for it every time you train and you’ll search for it in other aspects of your life.

All of this brute force and mental fortitude spills over, permeating each area of your life. You’ll carry it all throughout your day. You’ll walk differently, talk differently, your whole demeanor will change.

Not to mention, your whole physical aesthetic has been transformed.

Put Yourself There Mentally With Visualization

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Without visualization you’re leaving everything up to chance. Don’t leave everything up to chance.

Get a clear mental image of the role you want to play in life.

Get a clear mental image of the life you’ll live once you’ve become successful.

It’s not going to happen unless you visualize it.

You have to use your imagination to put yourself there mentally first, then you’ll find yourself there physically.

Be sure to make this image so clear. So focussed, so real, that you can engage it with your 5 senses.

You want to be able to touch, hear, smell, taste, see the life you want to live.

It surprises me how many of us don’t imagine ourselves incarnated into the strongest versions of ourselves while living our best lives.

Be like the clay and the potter. Consciousness is the clay and your imagination is the potter. You want to use your imagination to edify the facilities for a new you.

Be intentional. Don’t leave it up to dumb “luck.”

Remember…You’re Already That Person

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You know what I love about writing? That there’s so much potential in this blank canvas. I get to carve out any world I want with the tip of my pen.

But this is different from who you already are. I’m not huge proponent of humans as the “tabula rasa.” No, my friend. We are not born as a blank slate. We are already the person we are going to be. Many of us walk around with imposter syndrome.

We “want” to be a writer, so we behave like an aspiring writing.

We “want” to be a lawyer so we behave like a pre-law student.

We “want” to be a leader so we behave like a wannabe leader.

All of the above is the product of excess self-monitoring which results in imposter syndrome. We don’t actually think, feel or see ourselves AS ourselves. As the human we were born to be.

But as soon as you remove all of the debris, the conditioning, self-doubt, toxicity, that potential is allowed to present itself.

Once again, Gratitude!

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If you’re not grateful for the things you currently have, the progress you’ve made, you won’t have more coming your way.

Gratitude is the gel that holds your life together.

It is also the attractive force that brings more abundance into your life.

Gratitude consistently keeps you in a positive mental mood. Without it, you’ll struggle to make progress.

Wanting to achieve more while being in a negative mental state is counterproductive.

So remember, you’re already the person you want to be. You just need to match it with the surroundings you’re meant to be in. Or maybe you’re transforming into a whole new person.

Either way, don’t allow yourself to be put down by the naysayers or pompous people who say you haven’t made it yet. Refuse to let anything stand in the way of your development. Discard the debris, the unnecessary clutter that obstructs your path to actualization.

Believe in yourself and maintain proper discernment.

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