How To Deal With False Impressions

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By Anthony Boyd

There are many distractions that pull us away from self.

These distractions should only be seen for what they are, distractions.

Their nature should be considered but shouldn’t possess us in anyway, shape or form. We shouldn’t give them any power at all.

How do we do this? By securing a personal mantra. Something to keep us anchored in present moment reality.

“Erase the false impressions from your mind by constantly saying to yourself, I have it in my soul to keep out any evil, desire or any kind of disturbance—instead, seeing the true nature of things, I will give them only their due. Always remember this power that nature gave you.”


One of my favorite movies, after “The Matrix,” is “Inception.”

A key part of that movie for me was the “Totem.”

A Totem, as described in the movie, was a unique object that only the owner could possess. The owner was the only person who could hold this unique totem. They knew it’s weight and texture.

This is glaringly similar to a personal mantra. We should all have a personal mantra that keeps us anchored in present moment reality.

This is how we deal with false impressions that seek to impression our minds.

About Anthony Boyd

I go by the alias Anthony Boyd & this blog is my series of theses on philosophy, spirituality, physical expression of strength & human behavior through self-reflective spoken & written word. I’ve been a Union Delegate for 6 years. During this time I have developed countless leadership skills that I’ll be sharing with you all on this blog. Leadership is something I’ve develop through hours of research, strength training & personal application of growth strategies. I started this blog with the intention of disseminating the leadership & developments skills I’ve attained over the past 6 years as a leader because there is a huge need for male leadership. It has developed into a conduit for sharing these ideas in hopes that others can gain insight from them as well. Two things have always been constant in my three decades of life on Earth, my ability to express myself through the word & my unquenchable curiosity of everything around me. Combine that with my obsession with strength training, personal development & we have this blog. It is my hope that I can provide endless value, insight and perspective gained through experience as a leader to the readership I have developed here.

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