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Write To Heal

I started writing as a way to process the external world. I grew up in The Bronx. Due to the hyper awareness that is required to live in such a climate, I started processing what I saw with my writing.

Fast forward to around 22 years of age. I moved out on my own amongst a bunch of other life altering, traumatic events I’ve went through.

I started writing to process my internal world.

I started writing to HEAL.

Having a degree in psychology, I’m familiar with the importance of free associative writing. When you free associate, allowing your subconscious, your inner world to come out to play, you start to mend.

Write to heal.

Write To Decompress

One of the best choices I’ve made during my writing endeavor was to start journaling via morning pages.

It’s similar to free associative writing. Well, it is free associative writing but for a different purpose.

When journaling in this manner, you’re able to vent your frustrations. You’re also able to let your subconscious do its complaining.

When you’re done venting, you step out of your own way. You’re free to do your good work.

Write to decompress.

Write To Feel

I’ve always been an emotional person BUT with one condition. I need words to feel.

At times I get disconnected from my emotions.

I’ve picked up the habit of using words to not only navigate them, but to incarnate in them. To feel my way through them.

I suspect I picked this habit up when my life was so tumultuous at one point I’ve turned off my ability to process my feelings in the moment.

It’s not until I sit down and recount the day that I’m able to feel my way through it.

Write to feel.

Write To Inspire

Much of my writing is to inspire at this point in my life.

I’ve jumped over many hurdles. I’m obligated to share this knowledge with you all so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

I write to inspire because the world needs it. People need to be inspired during this time.

There’s many reasons to be miserable. But people like me want to give reasons to be joyful.

To inspire is to point out the best and stronger version of others. This is in direct opposition to relating and amplifying the fallen nature of others.

If you’re going to write, write to inspire.

If you’ve forgotten what to write for, start with one of these.

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