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I love Mondays. You read that right, I love Mondays.

Most people don’t love Mondays and I don’t blame them. I mean why should they? That is if they have no awareness as to what they want to accomplish for the week, for their life.

You see, Mondays represents pure potentiality.

Mondays represents all that could be. Many do not see Monday in this light.

If you see Monday in this light I’m pretty sure you will love Mondays too. The majority see Monday as something to dread.

Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week. How you start your Monday is how you will end your week.

Monday is the day of momentum. All we need to do is strike the iron while its hot. Getting ahead of Monday’s means we stay ahead for the rest of the week.

The practicality behind loving Monday is buried in the fact that if you do set the correct tone for the week, you will be able to ride that energy for the rest of the week.

You will be able to ride the wave of creativity, productivity, affluence, however it is you choose to start the week.

I always start my Monday’s off productively.

How You Feel About Monday

How you feel about Monday is an indication of the direction your life is going in. I have to admit, I didn’t always love Monday. I use to hate Monday. Then i realized that this was because I wasn’t actively leading my life. Others were leading my life for me.

This is the default. People have their lives directed for them. They are told what to eat, what to watch, what to be afraid of and how to raise their children. Everyone outsources the responsibility of their lives to others.

They live life on the beat of someone else’s drum. People outsource their lives for others to lead then end up being miserable.

If you hate Mondays then its time you change your direction.

Why would you keep living in such a way that brings about misery?

How To Start Your Monday

Since I consider myself to be pragmatic minded, I will share with you tips on how to start your Monday if you currently hate it.

But I want to make it clear from the outset that if you hate your life in general, these tips will only serve to put a band-aid on that hate until you effectually change the direction of your life.

These tips will also serve to help you change the direction of your life.

Wake up at 5am Every Monday

Mondays are a great opportunity to start fresh.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The most important thing I garnered from working at a company that required me to punch in at 2am everyday was that starting the day early led me to being more productive.

When I started working for this company at the age of 21 I quickly learned that when I get up early, I have the whole day to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

Instead of sleeping in, getting up early serves to open your day to its fullest possibilities.

I got up, went to work to make my money for the day, then I had the rest of the day to work on myself and my business.

Take a walk

After getting up at 5am, the next thing you should be doing is getting ready to take a walk.

This is one of the things I learned inadvertently while working for this company.

Being that I didn’t have a car, I had to wake up early to walk 2 miles to work. It was about a 30 minute walk both ways.

Little did I know that I was building not only a strong heart but nurturing my creativity. During those walks many of the ideas and visions I had for myself came to me. These same ideas I am living out right now.

Theres something about taking contemplative walks that stirs up the waters of the subconscious mind.

Make a to do list for the week

Approach your Monday with a plan. Make a to do list so you take the guess work out of it. Be sure to include things you enjoy so that you have something to look forward to.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

After getting back from your brisk walk, make a to do list for the week.

Once you’ve gotten the blood pumping, the ideas flowing, write it down. Or better yet, you can do this while on your walk.

Use a little notepad to store your ideas while you walk.

I don’t recommend using a smart phone or anything of the like. When pen touches paper, a divine connection is made between you and pure potentiality.

Many people have testified that writing their goals down has led them to achieving them.

They also testified that there is “magic” in physically writing your goals down.

Start reading a new book every Monday

Make an effort to read a new book every week even if you don’t finish it.

Keeping the well stocked is important.

When it comes to being a creative, we have to consistently refill the well.

If taking a walk is pumping the ideas from the well and writing down your ideas by way of your to do list is storing them, reading a new book each week is refilling the well.

Even if you don’t finish the book that you’ve picked up the week before, start a new one next week. This will teach you how to pick and read books that are consumable within a weeks time.

Reading also allows for you to contrast your ideas with others.

If you don’t know what others think, you won’t know what you think either.

We do not exist in a vacuum. Therefore we need to have a clash of ideas every so often.

Take some time to figure out why it is you hate Mondays. Once you get to the bottom of it, change it. You more than likely hate Monday because you have to live life on other peoples terms. Living life on other peoples terms doesn’t necessarily mean you work for them.

It could be that you’ve adopted an attitude that doesn’t align with the way you were meant to see the world. That is why you feel the angst that you do.

I also want to note that as much as I go hard for Monday, it is still just a day.

Ultimately, it is your overall perspective that matters the most.

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