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People say money can’t buy happiness.

But these same people trade their time for it, I’m not sure about that. What I am sure of is that money can buy back TIME.

I have a lot of time these days.

I’m creating the work that will reap rewards for me for years to come.

My life is extremely simple and straight forward as of now. I wake up, work, go to the gym, spend time with the family, then sleep and repeat.

I know at some point life will be consumed with more work but with an added benefit, more money.

And although I am not rich yet, I’m sure when that time comes I’ll have to sacrifice something, my time.

You see, I’ve been watching rich people for quite some time now. I noticed that they are always cognizant of how they use their time. That’s because they don’t have much of it laying around.

I also notice that the more successful they become, the more of their time they have to buy back.

My father is one of those people. He is picky with how he uses his time, down to the phone calls he picks up.

The Time Vs Money Paradox

And here lies the trade off: the more time you have, the less money you have. The more money you have the less time you have.

When my earning power started to increase I was valuing my time more.

My earning power, or lack thereof, coincided with me trading my time for money. The more time I traded for it the more time I had to “buy back.”

I’m starting to see that the rich have to do the same thing in order to have some semblance of “life.”

But at a MUCH larger scale.

Time Buy Back Services

The rich pay for maids so as not to have to clean their own homes. They have drivers or take Ubers so they can get work done as they commute and don’t have to worry about spending 20 minutes to find parking.

They have laundry done for them so they can avoid having to pack their laundry, take it to a washing machine, load it up, have it wash and dried then FOLD all of it, pack it back up then bring it back home.

In addition to the above, they then have to put all the laundry back into the draws. Laundry for one is daunting enough, imagine a whole family.

How about cooking?

The rich either eat out or have a chef cook for them. This saves time. There is nothing elitist about any of this either.

I can imagine being rich. If it is as busy as it seems, I would buy back as much time as possible by using services provided by others.

Currently, I cut my own hair. Though it saves me money, it consumes more of my time.

I have to get my grooming tools ready, brush my own hair, groom, THEN clean up. All of that is time consuming.

Where as if I had a barber, I can either have him come to me, he cuts my hair we go on our merry way then I’d have my maid clean up.

Luxurious? Maybe.

Simple, time saving, efficient? Yes.

How about groceries? I currently have to do all of my own grocery shopping. I have to grab some reusable bags out of the kitchen draw, hop in my car, make the drive, select my items, stand in line and purchase my groceries.

Then I have to take my groceries to my car, pack them up, drive them home, unpack them, carry them into the house then put them away. Time consuming!

What’s the easier option? Have a grocery delivery service. I can pick the same items every month. I can also have a maid coordinate with the cook and have groceries stocked every month.

All of that would cost money and I would gladly like to buy that time back.

I am becoming fully aware of the cost of being rich.

So, if you’re think about becoming rich, think about the costs that come with it.

Think about what you will be giving up, sacrificing to have more money. Make sure it is worth it because you will end up having to buy back the time you share out over the course of your career.


– Anthony Boyd

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