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I remember watching one of Elliot Hulse’s strength camp videos 4 years ago. He was training in his garage gym in Tampa, Florida talking about how he didn’t want to do a particular exercise.

He said “It’s nothing but a conversation.”

He then went on to talk about “the transcendent rep.”

These two quotes have left a huge mark on my psyche.

Whenever I am ready to quit at anything whether it be writing or strength training, I would repeat:

It’s nothing but a conversation.”

The mind will try to whisper things to you that will get you to stop what you are doing and give in to mediocrity.

When you interrupt the mind with a mantra you are breaking the hold the mind has over you.

The “transcendent rep” is what Elliot Hulse describes as going beyond the mind. When we go beyond the limitations that the mind set for us we transcend previously known limits.

We stretch beyond our former limitations.

We don’t return to what we were before. We are changed for ever.

That is the potential of awakened transcendence.

The mind has a brilliant way of tricking people into staying mediocre.

It tells us all sorts of lies like:

“It’s impossible because there’s no money and training.”


“You know you’re not good enough. Why are you doing this?”


Who do you think you are?”

The mind knows all of it’s own insecurities. It projects them onto you. It tricks you into thinking that you are the mind.

The truth is that the mind is just an amalgamation of other people’s nonsense.

The mind is a series of things that were told to you when you were younger.

The mind is not the one in control.

The “I Am” that sits back of the mind is the King on the throne. It is the one that is truly in control.

It is as simple as identifying with that entity. It’s easy, actually. You can’t not identify with the “I Am” because it is always on, always present.

The mind is like a cloud or a fog.

The I Am is like a light beacon on a stormy night.

Identify with the beacon and leave the mind to do it’s thing.

It’s nothing but a conversation.

When it tries to bring you thoughts, images, sounds that are distracting. When it tries to get you to pick up your phone to do some mindless scrolling.

Find that gap between thoughts and exploit it by seeking out the truth.

When it tries to get you to find fault with others. Simply rest in the I Am.

Whatever is keeping you from going after what you want is not keeping you at all.

You have the key to that mental prison right in your back pocket.

Yours Truly

-Anthony Boyd

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