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When I first started training I enjoyed adding weight each session as it gave me a sense of accomplishment through lifting heavier weights.

This progression scheme was elementary by way of It was the basic foundation that many a lifter(s) start out with to progress.

But then I started getting bored. Using a 5×5 set-rep scheme proved to be challenging but the lack of hypertrophy and work capacity had me burned out after a solid 5-6 months on this program.

I was strong but got winded when I would do anything over 6 reps in any of the 5 main lifts.

I wanted a “hybrid” style of training while taking into account periodization, at the time I didn’t know that this was a thing, through switching up the set-rep scheme.

Enter The Juggernaut Method

I was on Instagram one day and I saw a particular lifter lifting heavy weights for REPS.

I thought to myself:

“Yeah. That’s the kind of performance I want.”

I put it in the back of my head that I will keep my eye open for any program that vaguely resembles the progression that this guy was doing as I frequently look for new programs to try out and try on.

One day I came across Juggernaut training systems and started watching their videos on YouTube.

At some point The Juggernaut Method came up on their channel and I inquired. It happened to be the same program that the dude on Instagram was doing. I bought the ebook immediately.

The first thing I noticed was the wave progression. Each month TJM has you moving from wave to wave, 10s, 8s, 5s and 3s, respectively.

This was the periodization I was looking for. There’s enough activity going on in this program to give me that “hybrid muscle” I was after, high capacity with strength to match.

I started the program and progressed through the waves.

5-3-1 and Over-reaching for progression

Credit: Physiqz

The program has you do 5-3-1 sets per week respectively.

My favorite part of this program is the AMRAP set during the realization week. This is the overreaching progression scheme that will have you strong at a high work capacity.

As you can see above, I hit 20 reps on this particular set with 165 pounds on the bar for bench press. With every rep over the “standard,” which is 10 during the 10s wave, you add 5lbs and you get a new one rep max to work percentages on. According to this my new one rep max is 235 pounds and I will be working this 1rm for the next wave.

235lbs as my new 1rm

This is how I like to progress these days.

Typically I run the 10s and 8s waves 3 months a piece to maximize hypertrophic gains that I will later take to build up strength.

This type of periodization is important because we cannot train ONE aspect forever, we will burn out.

We also don’t want to hop around too frequently because we won’t make any meaningful progression in either direction.

4-6 months is ideal for each aspect before we move onto the next. Of course this totally depends on the way your body reacts.

Give The Juggernaut Method a try. It is a CHALLENGING program but you will not be disappointed with the gains you make.


-Anthony Boyd


This program is built on the basics of strength training & condition. To increase its effectiveness, combine this program with some information from the articles below.

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