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I’m approaching 30 and by no means was it fast and easy. It was a long, tedious process to becoming the young man that i am now and I am proud of every step i’ve taken to insure i am as grounded and centered as possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an older male role model to show me the ropes and guide me to where I am so this post is for young men like myself who read this and need tips on how to become grounded and centered:

1. Strength Training

I quickly realized that physical activity was going to be apart of my life for the long term. Personally, I strength train. Every man should be into some sort of physical activity centered around strength training. Strong body facilitates a strong mind. Forming a relationship with strength training has toned my spirit to such a point that i’ve developed strong boundaries, rarely do I have the patience to let bullshit enter.

2. Formal education along with auto-didactic education

We pay for many different services out of convenience. We pay to have things delivered to us. We pay for our cars to be fixed, lawns to be mowed, etc. I look at college and university education no differently. The university is a one stop for everything education. University teaches how to search for information, how to convey information, how to communicate effectively through different styles of rhetoric, etc; all while offering base knowledge. This is where the auto didactic part comes in, teaching yourself through research outside of the classroom contextualizes everything you learn. You take many different lenses and view the world through them. Fortunately there is a wealth of information out there in many various forms to be taken advantage of.
3. Fashion

You don’t have to be the richest man in the world to look good. There are many different ways to dress for many different occasions. Personally I keep it simple with a pair a slim fit jeans and chuck taylors and a t-shirt in the summer, throw in a few accessories and i’m good to go. Many of you may be a little different and want to go the dandy route and get all fancy which is fine. Stores like H&M and Zara are really good for taking it to the next level.
4. Grooming

Early on in my life I learned to cut my own hair but it wasn’t until I moved into my own place that I bought my own barber clippers and tools to effectively groom myself on a weekly basis without shelling out ridiculous amounts of coin. The barbershops, in my opinion, are overpriced these days and you’re better off learning how to cut your own hair to save you a lot of money in the long run. Go on youtube to learn how to cut and you’re good to go. I’ve avoided spending hundreds of dollars over the past seven years by learning to cut my own hair.

5. Work a blue collar job

One important thing working blue collar has taught me was the value of a dollar. There is no way a smart man is going to waste his hard earned money on foolishness if he thinks back to all the times he bust his ass at a physically, mentally taxing job. Working this kind of job early on in life dictates who, what, where, when, why and how a young man spends his money if he is actually working hard for it.

6. Embrace a spiritual practice

This should be right up there next to strength training. Embrace a spiritual practice that resonates with you if you haven’t gotten one yet. That’s all there is to it. Doesn’t really matter what it is but an anchor in God, Source, the universe whatever you want to call creative force is one of the strongest support systems you will have when things get rough.
7. Develop a sense of humor

This is the single most important aspect of growing into a grounded and centered man. It’s a hard task. It’s going to be rough and doing it WITHOUT a sense of humor is going to leave you bitter and chaffed. Learn how to self amuse yourself. Watch shows that are healthy for your sense of humor and watch how much more manageable life becomes.

8. Cultivate the ability to walk away

The previous 7 points all lead up to and allows for this point to be possible, the ability to walk way. The ability to walk away from people, situations, circumstances, mindsets, etc that threaten your peace of mind is one of the single most valuable aspects you can develop as a man. I put this point last because this is the aspect we develop when we have strong boundaries firmly in place. The previous 7 points allows for these boundaries.

  • How to cultivate the ability to walk away: Some may try to walk away just through sheer will power. It does not work. In order to master this ability, we have to develop strong boundaries by having a strong sense of purpose in life that we put into ACTION. As we get older, moving toward having more past than we do future, the boundaries automatically come up without us having to will it.

These are just 8 of the aspects that has allowed me to develop grounded centeredness throughout my 20’s. I hope this finds you and resonates with you along your journey to becoming the most godly version of yourself.


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