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Problem-solving is one of the mind’s super powers. It scans the environment for threats and when it finds one, it seeks to neutralize it.

When the mind is idle, it finds problems that aren’t there. It’s why outrage is so addictive. The idle mind latches onto one piece of outrage, then branch swings to the next, then to the next, ad infinitum.

An idle mind is a terrible use of energy.

Instead of letting the mind wander too much, give your mind something to do. Put it to good use. How do you put the mind to good use? Give it the right problems to solve.

But what are the “right problems?” Goals.

When you set goals, you’re giving your mind the opportunity to solve a puzzle. Your mind will commence piecing things together in such a way that it will lead you to your goals.

It’s important to have a series of goals because when you solve one, you can continue on to the other, and so on and so forth. Having multiple goals will ensure that your mind never idles for too long.

Set goals to achieve. Never stay idle for too long. Especially if you consider yourself to be a type-A personality.

If you can’t find any goals in particular for yourself, seek to solve other people’s problems.

But whatever you do, find the right problems to solve.

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