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No one has the answers to life.

This epiphany comes to me every now and again but in different ways. Sometimes it’s just a faint realization after seeing someone be so sure about their method of thinking or when some one lives within a rigid paradigm that proves to be stale and out dated.

Sometimes this realization comes when I look around at everyone’s faces to see that none of them are smiling.

So if no one has the answers what should we do?

We must ask the right questions. Ironic. I gave an answer to a question. But it is the little space between the question and “answer” that we must live in. What is life but birth, in between, death. Birth, in between, death. Question, space, answer.

It is the question that gives birth to the answer BUT it is not about the answer at all. It is about the space between the question and answer.

It is how we pursue the answer. How we pursue that answer is how we live in that space. That space is simply an undulation of consciousness.

Here’s something interesting. The potency of the question dictates how we pursue the answer. In other words, the difficulty of the question, dictates how we go about solving it.

For instance, when I was an engineering major, we had to take calculus based physics. What is the alternative? Physics that isn’t computed through calculus.

I didn’t take physics void of calculus. I wouldn’t know how to answer those questions of physics but I would assume that those who did would take calculus based physics and would notice a discernible difference in difficulty.

Would how we ask the question determine the answer? Would that make a difference in what the answer turns out to be? Try it.

What about the integrity of the answer? How do we know it is correct? If we all get the same answer does that mean it’s correct? Or did we just happen to ask the same exact question in the same exact way? Now that is scary.

How many of us are living the same exact way? Coming up with the same exact answers?!

So many questions to ask…

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