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By Anthony Boyd

Stop with the aspirations.

You are a writer.

You’re not an aspiring writer.

What ever it is that you do, you do.

You don’t need some third party validation in order for you to be legit.

Where did we get this idea from?

That we need to be exalted in order to be legitimate.

If you write, then guess what? You’re a writer.

Point blank. Period.

I’ve been writing a lot about writing lately because I’ve stepped out of my own little world and looked around.

It’s quite funny, what I see.

I see people in this writers world being pompous because they’ve made a few bucks writing.

I assure you, it’s not that serious.

I thought we were doing this for the craft? When did it become strictly about money?

Yes, I do think writers should be paid for their art.

But let’s not forget that it is art. Once we turn this into a business, you can forget about it being enjoyable anymore.

Fair warning.

Keeping writing.


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