Stop giving a fuck: Reclaim your personal power

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If you are reading this you’re just like me.

You are looking for ways to optimize how many fucks you give and don’t give.


Because you want to suppress the conditioning of coloring in the lines in order for you to go out and get some.

It’s hard. Those of us who were born to decent parents were trained to be nice, cordial, polite.

Those who were born to parents that were cognizant of human nature are living free from mental reservations of getting after it.

Essentially what ended up happening is that we became a beast of burden.

We are polite in the face of consistent detriment. Not because of anyone else but because of our willingness to yield to the world.

My friends, we have it backwards. We HAVE to become selfish.

We cannot pour from an empty cup. When we betray our instinctual drive to hunt at the benefit of being polite we become depressed, anxious and resentful.

I’m here to tell you I’ve been there. I was once raised to be docile and have integrity even in the face of evil.

Now some of you are reading this and asking

Are you saying we shouldn’t have morals and integrity?”

No, what I’m saying is that in the context of personal development, you HAVE to put your PERSON first. I am not saying go out there and be criminal and evil.

Deep down within you you know what I mean but you’re just scared or too ashamed to admit that YOU WANT YOURS TOO.

I still struggle with it myself.

We have to cultivate a balance of procurement and sharing. Once we cede our ability to procure the things we want we lose our soul.

Some men act in opposition to this.

As a man you want to be a provider. The ability to provide for your tribe is essential to your well being. If you don’t believe me ask the men who are on the brink of suicide because they lost everything.

I’ve heard that out of the mouth of men close to me. I see it all the time at my place of employment.

You have to stop giving fucks until you have filled your self up with enough value that is ever flowing. That is infinite.

That way you are able to give freely without worry.

You see, you’re here because you’re out of fucks to give and you are in SCARCITY mode. You want to give fucks but you’re either running out or have none left.

You’re about to lose your fucking mind.

So here’s what you do:

Your physical routine

Should consist of some strength training regiment you can implement on a consistent basis. You must get a program that you can adhere to.

This serves the purpose of grounding you within your body.

As men, we have a requirement for high energy output.

When we don’t channel this energy we become “gooey.” By gooey I mean we become a blob, a mixture of boundless emotional and mental energy.

Proper channeling of our energy puts things into perspective. It gives us clarity. We are able to hear our inner voice that is constantly trying to get through to us.

We were once hunters. Once we became domesticated we lost that outlet. It was not only an outlet, it was a way of life. It was our purpose.

Find a strength training program that YOU can adhere to. There are so many free ones out there but you need to find the one that works for you.

Find a program that you can lift heavy and often. One that fits your personality type.

Develop sound nutrition

As a man, nutrition is important. In this day and age we have so many options of fake food to choose from.

Needless to say, do not eat any of this.

If you are a meat eater, consume sources of beef, chicken, fish that are grass fed, cage free and wild caught, respectively.

The healthier the animal you are consuming, the healthier YOU become.

Learn how to track your macros so that you aren’t over consuming calories. Your body only needs so much calories.

Learn how to track your macros in order for you to control your body composition.

You have to take control of your nutrition.

Your nutrition is KEY to your mental hygiene.

Mental hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene.

I would hope that those who are reading this are able to shower every day.

Mental hygiene is the same thing. Proper nutrition and strength training is like a shower for your mind.

I want to add that proper nutrition leads to HEALTHY TESTOSTERONE levels which is ESSENTIAL for male physical and mental health.

Consuming the right amount of nutrients gives the appropriate building blocks for this hormone.

Too many men are telling me that they suffer from low T.

I’m going to put it to you raw.

Your T is low because you are a fat piece of shit that doesn’t train and over eats.

There’s no way around it. Strength train and eat properly and you will bring your T levels up.

Do not go to the doctor to get a fucking blood panel done until you’ve addressed your physical activity and nutrition first.

I also recommend that you fast for 24 hours for at least once per week to give your body a reset. Time to heal.

Doctors do not have enough training to help you with your physical activity. Hire a trainer and a nutritionist if you are too stupid to do some research and figure it out on your own.

I do not recommend outsourcing your health to people who do not know what they are talking about and are only in the business of keeping you sick.

And for goodness sake stop eating so much sugar. The cookies, chocolate cake and cupcakes like you’re a teenage girl on her period.

Develop a mental routine

Work with your hands.

Find a craft you enjoy. That you can throw yourself into completely.

You like working on cars? Good. Do that. You like carpentry, Good. Do that.

You like to knit? Well, okay, grandma. By God. Knit the fuck out that sweater.

What matters is that you need to put your hands into something.

Whatever you put your hands into, your mind follows.

Build a work bench. A garage gym. Clear the gutters for some old lady. Doesn’t matter.

If you strictly enjoy reading, grab a physical book and read.

Get to work.

Develop a positive emotional ecosystem

Get a dog.

Build a social circle of like minded individuals.

Go outside, take a walk and get to know the people in your neighborhood.

Walk outside every day so that you see the same people over and over again. They will want to know your name. They will speak to you. You will develop REAL friendships. You will be happier because of it.

If you can find a woman that enhances your life and vice versa, do not mistreat her. Treat her well. Build a bond. Have an understanding of expectations BEFORE you get exclusive. Do not listen to that MGTOW weirdo bullshit.

You are a man that is creating his reality.

You most certainly can build bonds with everyone until you have a positive emotional ecosystem to draw from.

This includes building a strong family.

This does not mean that you have to get married because government control over your relationship is not what you want. Or maybe you do.

Some people like to get cucked as some sort of fetish.

What you want is the ability to creat a covenant, an ecosystem, that is self-rejuvenating with you as a happy, active man.

Understand that water takes the shape of the container it is in. You are the water and your positive emotional ecosystem is the container.

Choose wisely.

Cut the fat

Cut out the bad relationships and preserve the good ones.

It’s that simple.

On this quest, and I hope you are taking this ride with me, you will lose ALOT of friends.

These people are the people that don’t clap for you when you win and smirk when you lose.

These people are the ones that tell you what and how to do something YOU are here to do.

None of them have skin in the game but what to tell you how to do it. Don’t argue.

Stop arguing with these mediocre assholes.

Whether they are on social media or your dumbass, brown nosing co-workers.

Stop arguing with them.

Arguing will serve to stress you the fuck out. It will serve to take you away from the important work you came to this plane to do.

Control your stress levels. There is no room for toxicity anymore. You must be able to control your mind.(link affirmation article here)

If you need to, get rid of social media.

How do you know you need to get rid of social media?

You can’t put your phone down. You pick it up constantly. You read the news and get depressed or anxious. You see news that tells you the world is burning.

You are told that you are complicit with “toxic masculinity.” You are told that your sex is evil. You are told you are “trash.”

You are receiving suggestions that serve to imprison you within self-deprecation.

Here’s how you annihilate all of that.

Get rid of it.

But Anthony, I need it to keep in touch with friends and family.

Nah. Fuck that. Let them miss you.

Let them pick up the phone and call you. Let them come see you and become a part of your positive emotional ecosystem.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE we are talking about.

Break up with your bitch girlfriend who nags you, talks down to you, abuses you, tears you down.

Why are you still with her?

Break up with her now.

Stop reading this and do it. Now!

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