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Do you know what’s stressing you out? Do you know where stress comes from?

It comes from you’re judgement of things outside of your control.

It also comes from you mis-judging things.

You have a circumstance that befalls you, you judge it, you become miserable, stressed, depressed. Why? Because you label it as something that’s:

  1. Out of your control
  2. Bad

In the first case you have to audit your judgement. Is it really out of your control? If no, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If it is out of your control then don’t worry about it. There’s nothing you can do.

In the second case, why are you even labeling it in the first place? Who taught you that you had to label it? That’s a question that you have to sit down with and truly figure out.

In the grand scheme of things, you need to stop judging things. You need to relinquish the idea that you need to control outcomes. That’s what’s killing you. And it is killing you because stress is a silent killer. It raises your blood pressure, screws up your blood sugar levels, slows your metabolism, stress is killing you.

Nip it at its root and let it go.

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