You Love The World But The World Hates You

By Anthony Boyd You look at yourself through the eyes of another. You see what they see. What they see is a reflection of how they see themselves. You can’t see yourself. You’re caught in a tangled web of misconceptions. But you can’t be in two places at once so you default to their line of sight. This is where you get your self-pity and contemptuous attitude toward all of your ideas. Your potential to realize the strongest version of yourself. The good news is that you’re always there waiting for yourself to re-merge with who you truly are. The being that doesn’t look upon itself with the scornful eyes of others. It’s all up to you. The choice has to be made. Do you continue to default to their lines of sight out of “survival?” Or do you grow and actualize into what God intended?

The Issue Is We’re All Gullible

By Anthony Boyd “Is there another way?” This is the question millions of people around the world ask every day. They want to know if there is another version of life apart from the life they’re currently living on earth. Their answer to that question is rooted in a wrong assumption about life. From early on they were conditioned to worship activity. They look outside themselves rather than go within. Making money, entertainment, gossip, losing themselves in psychic activity, the list goes on. This is why the question will never be answered. We believed that this was the only way life could be lived. That there was no other way. We’re seeing that now as the world around us as we knew it collapse.

Strange Facts About The Human Condition

By Anthony Boyd Millions of people ask the question: “What is life about?” The moment they seek the answer, strange things start to happen: They seek outside of themselves. They fall into psychic sleep. They use others to fill the aching void. They become inexplicably confused and angry. They strive to become rich. They work to be the career person they’ve always knew they could become. They forget the question all together.

How To Change Into A Completely Different Person

There is a right way to live our lives on a personal level. No one else can tell us what resonates with us. It is this very resonance that allows us to distinguish between what belongs & what doesn’t belong. Let’s say you’re walking on a road or trail. You come up on some blockage, branches, debris, etc. How do you move on? You remove the debris. You get rid of what doesn’t belong. The right way is about clearing the blockages. Many of us try to add things. We don’t need to add anything. All we need to do is remove what doesn’t belong.

A Wise Task

By Anthony Boyd One of the most important tasks we can under take is to repeatedly withdraw our attention from the mundane. We intentionally place our attention on things that improve self-knowledge, that alerts us to our divine inheritance. Remember this task everyday. Withdraw your attention from the news. Withdraw your attention from social media highlights. Place your attention on higher knowledge. For actualization. This is our task. For life.