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You outsource everything to everyone else.

You outsource your whole life to strangers.

Did you know that?

Your health, your food choices, your children’s education, your mental health, your emotions.

No wonder you’re depressed, anxious, beaten down. You have just given yourself away.

This society that you hate so much. You gave it all away. Didn’t you?

You have to love yourself enough to take it all back. Take it all back from everyone. You know why?

When you give yourself away waiting for people to take care of you you’re going to get fucked. This is because society does NOT have your best interest at heart.

I’m talking about the institutions you give you health away to. The Internet forums that tell you the new fad diet that’s going to have you losing hundreds of pounds. The brokers you give your money to “help you get rich.”

It is all a scam.

You have to regain your agency. You have to reclaim your sovereignty.

You need to take it back.

You have to love yourself or no one else will love you.

“But Anthony, that’s ableist. I’m depressed, I’m sad, I’m lonely. Your asking a person with a broken leg to run a marathon.”

Yes. That’s exactly what I am asking you to do. If you’re depressed, anxious and the whole spectrum of disorders I am pretty sure you’re not reading this right now.

You found this blog because you want help. You found this blog because you know that those labels you slapped on you were just a way to encourage the perpetual cowardice pumped into this society.

Yes. I am asking you to run a marathon with a broken leg. David Goggins did it multiple times.

The men and women who serve this country do it.

People who have families to feed do it.

I’m currently training with five different injuries.

So there’s no fucking excuse as to why you can’t get up off your ass to run that marathon.

You see, the marathon is not physical. It is mental. Your reality is the outcome of what you tell your mind.

You have to run the mental marathon. No one else is going to run it for you.

And by the way. You can go to a shrink and have them diagnose you if that’s what you need. I am all about getting the right help when needed. But like I said before. If you are reading this you sense that something is wrong and deep down in side you know you CAN do something about it.

You are not a helpless little kid who can’t do anything for themselves.

YOU are an adult. YOU have to run the mental marathon.

The voices in your head that is telling you to stop reading this because it would mean you have to take responsibility are getting louder as you continue to read this.

Do not listen to them lest you go back into mental slavery.

It all starts with those voices. The ones that serve as your mental prison guards.

Why are you reading this? This can’t help you.”

“No. I am really depressed. This guy is an ableist pig. He doesn’t know what I’ve been through.”

“If I pick myself up then I’ll lose sympathy from others.”

DON’T listen to them.

You already know what you have to do.

We have so many people in this society that will tell you that the above is just a way to “shame” you for having a mental illness. These people are not credentialed to diagnose you. They don’t know you!

These people are delusional. They have a certain interest in keeping you in the mental prison you are currently in.

You must break out and run that mental marathon before you actually sink into the quick sand of depression, anxiety for real this time.

It seems that so many people are drugged up on anti-psychotics and anti-depressants.

This is at an all time high and we have to figure out a way to stop this.

But it starts with you.

I’m not even going to act like this society isn’t screwed up beyond belief. The overall morale is low and people do not know up from down any more.

It starts with you.

Here’s a little secret that I’ve been dying to tell you from the inception of this article: “You are society.”

You must change yourself in order to change society because society is you and you are society.

Many people want to change society without first changing themselves. This is laughable. This is absolutely destructive and I can see through the whole thing.

These SJWs, the leftist types virtue signal their way onto social media. They claim they want to end all kinds of oppression. I can see through that whole thing.

These people are typically dysfunctional. Some not all. But the loud fringes are the ones who are dysfunctional to the max.

The right wing conservative types are no better. They lack a certain soul and have a coldness that make it hard for people to like them.

On both sides there are heavy amounts of dysfunction.

These people do not want change. They want power. That is all.

How can you change society when you haven’t changed yourself? I have pondered on this for years. And realized…

…trying to change society without first changing yourself is like wiping a muddy mirror with a muddy rag.

This is why I’ve built this website. It is for people who want to change themselves. When you change yourself you change society.

Which means you make society better when you get better.

It is essential that you take accountability for your life.

The politicians aren’t going to do it. Your spouse isn’t going to do it. The government isn’t going to do it and if any of these entities do it, they damn sure aren’t going to have your best interest at heart.

If you want to run this mental marathon then you are going to have to get into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You have to be developed in all 4 of those aspects to run this marathon.

Get your mind right with proper nutrition. Get your mind right with a spiritual practice that YOU resonate with. Take care of your emotions by not letting every comment a person says get to you.

When it comes to your emotional world guard it like you guard your body. If someone were to come along and try to snatch you would you let them? No. So why would you let them carry you away via your emotions?

Throw yourself into a craft that you can work on with your hands. Where ever your hands and eyes go, so does your attention.

Prolonged focused attention is good for the mind. It sharpens the mind. This also serves the benefit of giving you a purpose.

That is what is missing these days.

Everyone is missing some sort of spiritual compass that points them in the direction of their purpose.

Social media is to blame?

They say social media is to blame. My position on this is that it can be to blame and at the same time it’s not social media’s Faust.

Social media is to blame for the simple fact that it is distracting as fuck. You get on there and there are so many things that draw your attention. Some people say that social media was designed to control your attention.

What I find problematic about social media is it’s ability to fuck up a person’s attention span.

The constant scrolling with no incentive to have someone stop for more than a minute is doing so much damage to people it is unfathomable.

No I’m not being dramatic. Here’s how I know and if you are like myself you can try this for yourself.

Try having a conversation with someone in person. Get a timer out and see how long it takes for that person’s eyes start to glaze over and their attention to wander away.

You can literally be speaking to someone face to face and you can see within 15 seconds their attention starts to drift away.

Funny enough, 15 seconds is the time these Instagram story videos span before the next one starts.

This constant scrolling serves to fragment the users mind so much that one thought cannot be maintained long enough to get anything done.

How are you suppose to engage your life purpose if you can’t even focus on it long enough? In order to succeed at anything we need prolonged focused attention.

Fragmentation of the mind is literally a mental disorder. It does not seem unlikely that social media causes mental illness while also exacerbating it in some.

Social media is a mirror

On the flip side, it’s not your fault, right?

Because supposedly social media is a mirror. What does that even mean? Social media feeds you what you want because their intention is to keep you on there so they can make money off the ad revenue.

The algorithm takes in data from you to match what you are most likely to engage with on their platform.

So if you click like on bunnies, you will see more bunnies pop up in your feed.

If you click like on candy corn, more candy corn will pop up in your feed. But who the fuck likes candy corn anyway?

If you engage with news that tells you that you are in danger every hour of the day, welp! That’s what you’re going to see in your feed constantly and by the time you know it—congratulations, you’re burnt out on outrage.

The point of me writing this is that whoever you bring to social media, whoever YOU come as, propagates your experience on social media.

If you are a spiritual, positive, meditator, that’s what you’re going to see in your feed, more of that shit.

I gave you the basic ins and outs of what social media is. If you are depressed, truly anxious, then you should not be on there.

Why are you on there if you know that this is what’s causing your demise?

Take accountability and get the fuck off of social media and work on yourself. Social media is a form of outsourcing your most valuable asset, your attention. You should not be giving that away so freely.

Take responsibility for yourself. Get on that trail and run that mental marathon. It is going to be hard as fuck but you have to do it if you want to be free from your mental prison.

There is no other way to do this.

There also isn’t any short cuts. You have to take the road less traveled. I’ll give you a hint.

The road less travel contains cleaving vices that keep you anchored to this world. Get rid of those and those voices of mediocrity stop and your divine inner voice gets loud and clear!

Be like a Stone Buddha that is deaf and blind to this world.

This world is maya, it is illusion. This means you can create your own reality. Your own life. Not the life peddled to you.

Get up off your ass and run that mental marathon.

-Yours truly

Anthony Boyd

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