The 4 Archetypes: Which one are you?

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There are many different archetypes that exist on earth. When it comes to success, power, achievement, etc, there are many ways that these archetypes play out. These archetypes approach life based on their understanding of their fundamental nature’s. When it comes down to it, an archetype can become truly satisfied and successful in their field of endeavor based on the understanding of themselves. Although there are many to be named we are only going to introduce four archetypes:

  • The Lovers (Water)
  • The Magicians (Air)
  • The Warriors (Fire)
  • The Pragmatist (Earth)

After the introduction, we are going to go in-depth to explore the characteristics of each archetype.

The Lovers (Water)

The lovers are people of beautiful emotional oratory. These people know how to talk a good talk, they have the gift of gab. They are highly emotional outwardly and do not hesitate to speak about the things they love. The things they love is actually everything and they move from passion to passion like a leaf in the wind. These people are in love with music one week, then in love with painting next week, the following week in love with cooking and ad infinitum. Keep in mind that the defining characteristic of this archetype is predicated on emotion. They never move beyond this parameter and ultimately stay stuck in a never ending cycle of emotional masturbation.

Characteristics of lovers:

  1. Passionate – This is actually a great aspect of being a lover. Passion is a powerful force and it can drive the turbine of success if placed properly. But unfortunately, many people of this archetype misplace this passion and are never able to fully utilize it to transform themselves into an actualized being capable of giving their gifts to the world.
  2. Intuitive – This archetype has intuition stronger than any other archetype and cannot be fooled easily. This archetype are adept at feeling people and situations out and move accordingly without having all of the cold hard “facts.”
  3. Emotional – Again, think of a leaf in the wind. This archetype is prone to being carried away by every emotional breeze that blows. Anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, depression, manic behavior is all debilitating when it comes to a lover.
  4. Prone to addiction – Due to the emotional nature of this archetype, they can become addicted to the very emotions they elicit. Whether it is pleasure or pain, these people are prone to becoming addicted to feeling rather than doing.

The Magicians (Air)

The magicians have so much potential. These are the people who go deep into studying anything and everything under the sun. They have broad based knowledge on every topic. If they are not familiar with a specific topic today, best believe they will become an expert on that topic by tomorrow. I do not mean superficial facts about a topic, I am talking about in-depth analysis on the subject. This archetype has an immense reserve of mental energy and they probe the depths of every subject of interest with the precision of a surgeon. The magician is motivated by pure mental energy, they tend to be “heady” and are prone to analysis paralysis. The magician has to know everything about a field of endeavor before they take action, which they never do, and miss out on becoming the greatest to ever do it.

Characteristics of magicians:

  1. Nerds – These people are nerds. They take pleasure in learning through reading, listening, teaching, etc. They are typically collectors of books for the sheer pleasure of reading. This is their form of masturbation. They indulge and get lost in information and tend to spit it back out at a moment’s notice.
  2. Arrogant – The magician tends to be arrogant because of the self-anointed title omniscience.
  3. Analysis Paralysis – Being cerebral in nature, if the magician does not know all of the facts, they aren’t going anywhere. In order for them to even take the first step, they have to know 100% of the terrain.
  4. Anxious – Anxiety is anticipation of the future. The future does not exist, it is unknowable. The magician knows this and therefore is prone to endless anxiety.
  5. Know it alls – Like mentioned above, the magician has to know everything. In fact, they do know everything, that is why most of the time these people do nothing. They have the tendency to sit back and judge people who are actually pursuing their passion.
  6. Magic – They are good at illusion. They have a knack for manicuring their image in such a way that they seem to be the plenum of perfection.

The Warriors (Fire)

These are one of the most powerful of all the archetypes for the simple fact that they exist in the real world, physicality. These people are known to take action, whether the emotional or mental energy is there or not. These people may not have the knowledge or expertise when starting out, but they sure as hell are guaranteed to gain insight from experience as they move through the world. When I think of the warrior I don’t necessarily think of a spartan with a shield and buckler, I think of the person who sprout wings as they jump off a cliff. They may not know shit, but they are driven by faith and that is the evidence of things unseen. It takes great courage to be this kind of person, it is the ideal person to be. On the flip side, these people are prone to burn out. The warrior can literally destroy his body within a short period of time if he does not rest.

  1. Discipline – What they lack in motivation, they make up in discipline. These people are like robots, machines, beasts. They have an instinctual drive that allows them to get up and do the thing without having all of the facts.
  2. Impulsive – On the other hand, these people can be impulsive. They have the tendency to react without knowing enough of the facts. This puts them in situations that can be dangerous or even life threatening.
  3. Stoic – They are like children who are pretending to be adults, except they are adults serious about being engaged in what they are doing. You cannot tell a warrior that he is not a warrior.
  4. Hardiness – He has a knack for getting his ass kicked and getting back on his feet. This is the person that can be dealt huge amounts of stress but keeps the chains moving regardless.
  5. Prone to burnout – The trade-off is that the above hardiness comes with a price. Sooner than later, the warrior has to die. In fact, the warrior is born to die.

The Pragmatist (Earth)

These people are hilarious. The pragmatist is the extreme version of the magician, maybe close cousins in the sense that they both need to have all of the facts and even then that is not enough for them to get moving with a project. The major difference between the two is that whereas the magician has to know all of the facts, the pragmatist has to see all of the facts. Faith is not the pragmatist’ strong suit and even suggesting faith to them is a waste of time. They are grounded by nature and they stay grounded, literally, until they have cold, hard, facts that manifest itself in tangible evidence before they take even one step. The good thing about this archetype is that when they are successful in a specific field, they are the perfect mentors because not only do they have all of the information, they literally have a blueprint as well.

Characteristics of the pragmatist:

  1. Anxiety – Anxiety is fear of the unseeable. In the earthly body, all-encompassing consciousness, seeing everything is impossible. The pragmatist is aware of the truth embedded in Murphy’s Law and therefore is prone to anxiety.
  2. Hardheaded – When the pragmatist finally does have his mind made up, there is no changing it. He has all of the facts, sees the terrain for what it is. After all, how can you tell him that the sky is orange when he sees that it is blue, knows the wind speed and direction, calculated the contour of the terrain, etc?
  3. Insensitive – This person may come off as purely cold and calculating but it is not intentional. They are not intentionally insensitive to others. It is just that they are so caught up in their own mission that they have no need for the intangible. Intangible things such as emotions, have no place in their objective world, not even their own emotions.
  4. Reliable – On the other hand, when one makes it explicitly clear that they need them, they will be there. They are some of the most dependable people. They are truly grounded in this regard.

So, which one are you? Do you have a watery nature? Someone who moves based purely on emotions and intuition? Or how about a grounded, earthly nature? Or are you impulsive like the fiery warrior? Do you pride yourself with book smarts and magic? Which ever one you consider yourself to be, having an understanding of the fundamental nature of your archetype is important in your approach to giving your gift to the world.

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