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The fundamentals of strength training is something that I will ALWAYS talk about despite the fact that it can be boring.

Sometimes I actually makes me sick to my stomach.

I see way too many people worrying about the wrong things when it comes to strength training.

Currently I am working on a master article on proper prioritization of strength training as well as a training protocol ebook but I want to write this as a note or sort of preface for those two works.


Many people ask me about supplementation, how many reps they should be doing, different diets, what protein I’m taking, etc when they SHOULD be asking:

“How can I set up a training plan I can enjoy so I can stay consistent?”

You see when you enjoy your training plan, you’re able to ADHERE to your strength training program therefore producing consistent results over time.

It’s all about staying consistent in your efforts.

For instance, I have been training for 5.5 years or so and I FINALLY found a program that I enjoy.

I have been using the strength training program called “the juggernaut method 2.0.”

A program which my strength training program will be based off of but better suited for people who strictly want to hit the iron and grow.

Before I found this program that I enjoy, I was program hopping but I understood something…

Picking the correct exercises and STICKING with a PROGRESSION scheme was key.

I would hop from one strength training program to another like a monkey branch swinging but I was sure to keep the movements the same while making sure I’m getting stronger in these lifts over time.

It is 2019. Social media fitness has hit full tilt which leaves me wondering why people are having a hard time achieving their goals.

There are many great accounts out there that give great information but people still aren’t hitting their goals.

People fall victim to analysis paralysis. Getting up and getting active is where it’s at.

Adherence is key.

Find a program you like.

Go to the gym EVERYDAY and follow the program consistently.

Train hard.

No more fucking excuses.

Your friend.

-Anthony Boyd

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