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The man who hates his relatives is the man who can’t stand to see in others which most certainly exists within himself.

The woman who hates her relatives doesn’t want to be seen with them. Because they represent the very opposite of what she wants to marry into—of which she herself hates within herself.

Take the example of the father and son, mother and daughter.

The old, beaten down father is intimidated by the vibrant, vital figure of his son. The son makes apparent the caricature that the father has become.

The example of the mother and daughter is similar in the sense that the daughter possesses youth and beauty that the mother will never again possess. The daughter also represents what she was before she “settled.”

What about father and daughter and mother and son?

The piece of sh*t father is resentful of the fact that his daughter will soon bring home a disgusting man that resembles himself. As a mode of displacement, he abuses his daughter, which ironically ensures that she does, in fact, bring home the disgusting likeness of himself.

The mother and son relationship is also relegated to a series of weird manifestations and projections. The neurotic, narcissistic mother smothers her son. She spoils him with materialism. She snatches “the hunt” right from his chest. He then seeks a woman just like mommy and the cycle continues.

The above is a practical example of Carl Jungs manifestations of projection of the shadow. Or that which we hate in ourselves, we hate in others.

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