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Do you remember when you were in school where you had to take a butt load of exams? These exams were monotonous, tedious and straight up boring.

One genius kid ended up getting all the answers to the tests some how. They gave out the answers to a select few kids in their peer group, enough that the teacher eventually caught on and started creating four different exams.

That way, it would make it much harder to cheat. No one student would have the answers to another.

The exams were shuffled so that when they were given out, there was a very low possibility that two students with the same exam were sitting next to each other.

This is exactly how life is.

Each of us are given different exams(lives). No one has the answers for YOUR exam we call life.

You did everything they told you to and…

You still failed. Why is this?

This is because your life is particular to you. You came forth into this life experience for a specific lesson to learn.

Somehow people such as your parents, friends and school teachers saw fit to give you direction on your journey while you discarded your internal compass.

That is why you failed.

Here’s the irony, once you have failed after they have given you the set of instructions that caused you to fail the first time, they give you more misdirection that causes you to fail even more.

Stop listening to people

People do not have the answers to your life. This is something that you’re going to have to figure out on your own.

Nobody can save you.

Yes there are a few people on your journey that can point you in the right direction but that’s only after you have begun listening to your own heart.

Once you have started this heart centered journey, a higher power places a variety of guides to reassure you that you’re headed toward your assigned destination.

This can only come from an act of bravery and trust in self.

No one can give that to you because you already have it. It’s just covered up by all of the chatter you’ve been bombarded with.

How do you get heart centered?

One way to do it is through meditation.

But more and more I’m drawn to the idea of worldly indulgence, not in the materialistic sense but in the sense that one should travel the world to get a taste for as many things as possible.

Once this has taken place, you can get a feel for what it is you’re meant to be and do.

When traveling, you’re met by many “liminal spaces,” spaces of “what was” and “what’s to come.”

In these spaces there rests pure potentiality not covered up by any ego interference because contrary to its definition a liminal spaces power is derived from the present moment, the one and only source of pure potentiality.

So stop listening to people who have the answers to exam “B” when you have exam “A.”

They don’t have your answers.

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