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Currently, we are going through what I would call tumultuous times. Everyone is on edge. The market is crashing. Anxiety is abound every where we look. But where people see doom, I see opportunity for transformation.

Fear seems to be the most prevalent of emotions at this time.

Recently there was an outbreak of some kind.

Now I’m not saying that there is nothing to be worried about. I see why there is cause for concern but beyond that, what else can we do?

My approach to problems when I worry usually follows this logic:

Can I solve the problem? No? Then don’t worry.

Can I solve the problem? Yes? Then don’t worry.

Being 32 years of age I have come to realize that many things are out of my control. Realizing this has sparked potential for personal transformation.

Me being the Type A personality I am, I had to come to terms with this lack of control because anxiety over shit that I couldn’t control was not doing anything for my potential for transformation. It was keeping me stagnant.

While everyone freaks out these days I’ve noticed that it is a time ripe for radical transformation.

You should be building something, right now while its cheap to do so, energetically and financially.

For example, the market crashed last Friday. There are a lot of stocks in the red. it is also tax season.

There are people this very second taking advantage of their tax refunds in order to spur financial transformation.

At this moment of transformation a few kinds of people are being minted. Thought leaders, millionaires and business people.

These are the people who see this particular time as an opportunity for transformation.

This is the time to take a chance. Why wouldn’t you?

We are in a win-win situation. Transformation is inevitable.

‘The world is ending right?

We might as well go at it with full gusto.

You know how I know the world is ending? Everyone seems to be turning to religion for spiritual transformation.

Now is a ripe time to be brave.

The lion is poised for transformation
Facing your fears in times of chaos leads to transfomation.

Face these tumultuous times with the heart of a lion because something beautiful will come of this period of transformation.

This Is Your Time For Transformation But Keep It On The Hush

This is your time for transformation but keep it on a need to know basis
Keep your transformation on a need to know basis.

If you’re reading this, you are not prone to fear.

You are a risk taker, therefore you have an affinity for transformation.

This separates you from 99% of the population that routinely panics anytime something is seemingly reported in the news.

They are blinded by fear.

One who is consumed by fear can’t see when it’s a time for transformation.

Now that you’ve choosen to go on this new venture of transformation to live the life you were meant to live, keep it a secret.

The fearmongerers and panic dwellers won’t like to see that you’re having a go transformation, especially in these chaotic times.

Here are some reasons why you should keep your new found venture to radical transformation to yourself:

You Become All Talk

Talking drains your gusto for transformation
You don’t have to announce everything you are about to do.

The first reason has more to do with yourself than it does anyone else.

Opening your mouth about your impending transformation will only fool you into thinking that you are doing something productive when you aren’t.

I have experienced this phenonmenon within myself.

I come up with some grand idea. Then I proceed to start talking about it, especially with those that I love.

Once I start, its hard to stop because I am so passionate about my impending transformation. But that is precisely where I make the mistake.

I should be channeling this passion into my work toward transformation, not into running my fat lips.

Keep it on the hush. Don’t tell anyone about your grand plans.

The next reason you don’t want to tell people about your grand plan for transformation is that it is grand indeed.

You become intimidated by your own plans which is a good thing. Being intimidated by your own plans is a sign that you should be shooting for them.

But this is why you wont achieve them.

You opened your mouth too soon. This is problematic because you haven’t built up the requisite momentum through action to acquire the confidence, the audacity to believe you can make this transformation happen.

The chances of you abandoning your dream are high at this point.

You doubt yourself because you look up at the road ahead and lose hope.


The next reason is plain ole jealousy from those that you love. Look, I’ve told you time and again. People don’t want you to succeed.

If you don’t believe me, watch how you feel when you see someone else succeed at something.

Whether it is something that you wanted to succeed at or if it is something not related to what you want to achieve or not.

Watch how you feel when you see that person achieve a level of transformation that you can only imagine.

You have experienced that feeling of jealousy before. You wanted them to fall flat on their fucking face right?

The best way to learn about the darkness of others is to learn about the darkness within yourself. This is human nature.

We love to outrank people. As humans we are competitive for resources by nature. This will never change.

When you tell people, especially your loved ones, that you are going on some grand quest to transformation, you will be met with all forms of jealousy.

It won’t be apparent. You can feel it though.

They will disguise their hate for well meaning advice to keep you “grounded.” They will use this “well meaning” advice to clip your wings before you even take off on your quest to transformation.

It’s common sense.

If you are on the same level of these people, they don’t have the mentality to see a better life for themselves. So why would they want that for you?

You spontaneously receiving the grand vision of a better life will make them think that you think that you are better than them.

You imagining and wanting a better life is an affront to their wanting to stay mediocre.

One thing I have noticed is that no one who was above me ever tried to put me down or keep me down.

Those above me always pulled me up to their level of thinking in order to realize personal transformation. Which is why I keep my mouth shut these days.

Keep your big mouth shut. Retain the passion you have for your vision of transformation.

Use that energy you would otherwise use to talk big for channeling into your goals.

Have A Plan Action For Transformation

Your path to transformation needs a blueprint
Your dreams need a blueprint.

Now that you know that you want to level up in the midst of all this chaos. You see the opportunity for transformation around you.

You want to build something but you need a blueprint of some kind.

Energetically it is the right time to go after what you want but you need a plan.

You don’t want to just throw things at the wall with no rhyme or reason. A plan is needed in order to walk right into the life of your dreams.

Planning is the easy part. Start outlining the path you have to take to get to where you want to be.

Many people think they need a mentor for transformation. You don’t need a mentor right now.

Figure out where you want to go, outline the resources you think you will need then proceed to figure out how to get it.

Watch how others in your field craft what they do. Binge watch their road to transformation. There are some gems in the way that they pursued their goals. Its buried in the journey.

Copy or be inspired by their journey then try it on for yourself. I said copy, don’t steal.

This beginner stage is all intuition based. Deep down inside you know what you need to do for transformation to be possible.

Knowing what you want to do is akin to knowing how you are going to do it. It is also akin to who you become. This is why radical, personal transformation is indistinguishable from building something you can be proud of.

Once you begin to take action the steps will seemingly light up in front of you. This sort of inspiration comes at you. It informs you every step of the way on this path of transformation.

For example, I started my journey 3 years ago. No one told me how to do what I am currently doing.

I have people very close to me who knows the mechanics of how to do what I am doing. Despite this, they didn’t tell me how. But I figured it out.

I have figured out how to do all of my own art work, written content, podcast and video production. This lead to various transformations of my brand.

You don’t have to know how you are going to do it all. You just have to start. You can do it.

Don’t buy any stupid courses. All of the information you need is out there on google.

Buying courses is just your masturbating to procrastination.

Take action. The genius within you is dying to get out. You just need to give it the opportunity to come out.

Visualization Is The End Product Of Transformation

visualization leads to transformation
Where do you see yourself?

You have to utilize your imagination.

God has given you an imagination to create your reality. You weren’t given a spirit of fear.

Create that which you want to experience through the power of imagination.

This power of imagination through visualization, merged with your intuition, merged with taking action is the bulk of what you need in order to make your dreams come true.

Visualization creates the end product of your transformation by mold consciousness into what your intuition feels.

These tools are the weapons against chaotic, unsure times.

While people are misusing their imagination to encourage the spirit of fear, you will be using these tools to create a new world of transformation for you and your loved ones.

Understand that right where you are is the potential for a new world to come into being. It is a portal into another dimension that you create for yourself to thrive in.

How do you visualize?

Its the same way you worry but inverted.

If you have ever worried about anything in your life, then you know how powerful visualization is for transformation.

Some people worry so much that the worry itself kills them before what the thing they are worrying about gets the chance.

You’ve had plenty of experience using visualization through worrying. Just turn that on its head and start seeing things for the better in your minds eye.

Use visualization for edifying transformation, not destruction.

Simplify & Minimalize

If you truly want to yield transformation, you have to set yourself up for perfect conscientiousness.

You need to do two things: simplify and minimalize.

Simplifying is making the way you do things more streamlined. You can do this by using the Kaizen approach through the 5S model.

The idea behind simplification is to make the way your life moves much more manageable.

You can simplify by carrying around a planner to plan your day.

You can use a journal to organize all of your ideas instead of having them bounce all around in your skull.

Get rid of things that are not conducive to your transformation.

Delete the social media apps from your phone in order for you to use your phone for work.

Remember, you don’t want to mix with the masses. If anything, you want to use social media as a tool for marketing.

But until you’ve created something, what do you have to market?

I’ve seen many people in this era use the excuse for social media as some sort of marketing tool when they don’t have shit.

Social media is a huge distraction on your path for personal transformation.

Get rid of it.

When I got rid of social media for 41 days to create this blog, it showed me the power of simplification for mental space.


Next, you want to make sure that you practice minimalism.

Minimalism is an aesthetic that encourages transformation.

You are emphasizing physical space in your life in order to integrate your creative side with your physical.

Encouraging the void, is increasing the feasibility of transformation in your immediate surroundings.

Try walking into a cluttered room.

You will not be able to get any work done. Throw every bit of furniture away that serves to clutter your space and therefore clutter you mind.

Your mind is where all potentiality for transformation exists.

Allow the blessings of the muses to wash in. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Emptying allows the flow of ideas to present itself.

Health Is Essential For Your Personal Transformation

In order to be at your best creative self, you need to work on your health.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. 3 meals a day with no snacks is sufficient to begin getting your weight in check, whether you are skinny or fat.

All of your transformational potential comes from your physical health. If your body isn’t primed for creation through physical health then you wont be able to build anything worth a damn.

I see so many entrepreneurs try to build while neglecting their health.

For the love of God, do not forego your health for money.

Get your health right. All else flows from your health.

Go to the gym. Lift heavy and lift often. You can also take long walks. They most certainly stimulate the creative juices bubbling in your mind.

If you are stuck on a project, go for a walk. You will kill two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to get the flow of your ideas going as well as keeping your health intact.

Do not sleep on your health.

Speaking of sleep. You need to sleep 6-8 hours a night. No question about it. I don’t care what the science says. Sleep properly. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Even if the science says that you need 6 or 10 or whatever the number is, none of that means nothing if you aren’t consistently getting a good amount of sleep on average.

Try 8 Hours.

Filling The Well

The first time I heard about filling the well was from julia camerons “artists way” in 2012. I learned that it is important to back off from work sometime and live life.

When you live life, you’re able to fill the well. When you fill the well you’re able to distill and share the wisdom you’ve gathered with others.

If this means being lazy then fine. Some of us will grind so hard that we need some time to just slack off. Slacking off with a purpose can be productive in the long run.

I’ll give you a personal example. I was working for 16 hours yesterday. I didn’t get much sleep. I woke up this morning tired.

I did my usual responsibilities and decided to make some coffee and start work. I was tired though.

I attempted to get some work done to no avail. I didn’t want to do anything at all.

I ended up taking a 2 and a half hour nap. I woke up feeling refreshed then i started working on the rough draft of this article where the inspiration has seemingly found me.

This is the art of filling the well and taking proper downtime; even if it means doing what feels like slacking.

Reading books is also another way of filling the well. You must ingest ideas some others in order to become inspired or even, more importantly, contrast your own with theirs.

How do you know what your ideas are if you don’t entertain other ideas?

This is why I champion debates and discourse. We are able to mutually arrive at our own truths when we clash with other opposing ideas.

The same is true for when we encounter ideas that are similar to our own. We are able to cross reference our own when we recognize our ideas in others.

The Haters

When you have successfully built your lane you must be ready for everything that comes with it. What comes with building your own lane is a shit ton of haters.

Haters hate to see transformation of any kind.

Remember the people, your loved ones, coworkers, parents, etc I told you about in the beginning? Well, this time they are back and they are showing their true colors.

Some will flat out disregard, ignore and not pay attention to what you are building and what you have built. They will abhor what you’ve become because you’ve transformed into what you were meant to be.

They won’t support you. You may even mention what you have built when they ask you what is going on in your life.

They will act like they didn’t even hear you and change the subject all together.

Hate will appear in another form, too much support.

There will be people to will clap so hard for you that it is apparent that they don’t really support you.

They have so much pride that they cover up the fact that they are haters because they didn’t support your quest for transformation from the beginning.

Some of these people will make no bones about it, they’ve hate who you’ve become.

This version of yourself won’t be easily manipulated.

These are the narcissists that didn’t believe you could become this autonomous. They didn’t believe you could become this powerful in your own right.

Also, remember that with great power, comes great responsibility. There were be people who have supported you along the way. You must give back.

It is your obligation to take care of them. Especially if they put up with your demons along the way while not missing a stride.

When it is all said and done, we will see who the true leaders are.

Leaders do not panic in the face of seemingly fearful times. They innovate. Leaders use chaotic times for transformation.

Leaders build others up. Chaotic times shows whose truly made to rise to the top.

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