Why Every Man Should Lift Weights

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For one reason or another, men of this day and age aren’t…men.

Men of this day and age are comfortable with their cushy jobs, consistent sex (if in a relationship), regular eating schedules, porn, social media & the list goes on and on.

I took a look around today while I was at work and all I could see was either scrawny males that could care less about building a strong solid physique which reflected itself in the way they walk and the insecure way they gossip about others or rotund, fat, sloppy looking management personel who let themselves go.

Why am I targeting men? Because I get this odd feeling that something is not right in the air. Gone are the days when men are able to joke around with each other, play fight, etc. Now a days it seems like men aren’t aspiring to be warriors anymore. To put it plain and simple, men these days are…soft.

How does this all relate to lifting weights? Well, as males we have testosterone. This hormone is the driving force in the male species. It is what makes a male a male and without proper usage of it we go mad, turn inward, turn to cowards. Putting this hormone to good use via going to the gym is a great way for males to turn into men.

Iron sharpens iron. As males we are already made out of the raw materials to become men. But again, gone are the days of the rites of passage we had to go through to mark transforming from a male to a man. The gym is a way to do that.

Engaging in a serious program that tests and strengthen our will is absolutely essential to manhood. No matter what anyone else says, serious physical pursuits of any kind, actually, transforms the spirit.

Who we become from hours upon hours under that barbell is much more valuable than what we become by staying comfortable which is fat, sloppy, lazy shells of ourselves.

Lifting weights allows men to engage their strength. Men should feel strong. What a waste to have all of that testosterone running through your blood and not see what you can build from it.

Lifting weights allows for men to build their confidence. The first time you rip 315lbs from the floor during a deadlift session is the first time you feel the power of true confidence. Working up to a heavy deadlift that would have otherwise broke you in half 2 years prior is a huge confidence booster.

Lifting weights allows for your muscles to be taut against your skeleton allowing for an improved posture which in turn, again, improves confidence. Walking with your head high, shoulders back and back straight is an avenue for perfect confidence. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Here’s an obvious one, lifting weights will make you look good naked. Do not believe the hype. As much as women say they love the “dad bod” it is not true. What’s attractive about a fat, rotund man? Be realistic. Lifting weights allows for you to build that physique that is proportional and attractive, given that you train each muscle group properly(train your legs!) You’ll even look better in your clothing.

Weight training allows for a man to get out of his head and into his body. As men we were born to hunt. We were born to run, jump, wrestle, push, pull, etc. It’s sad that little boys are being drugged up, diagnosed with ADHD when all it is is boredom. Those same little boys should be learning through play. These boys grow up to sit at an office desk for 40 hours a week. Lifting weights allows for a channel for those men to get out of their restless mind and into a body aching to grow and explore it’s potential.


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