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Yup. I made the jump.

A few months ago I was strictly blogging. But it got to a point where I felt something was missing.

I have experience public speaking in real life so naturally when I have ideas coming to the surface it’s easy for me to articulate it quickly.

When it comes to writing I can do the same. Recently it hasn’t been so easy.

Ideas have been coming to me at a rate that my fingers just can’t keep up with.

So I ended up turning on the microphone, turning on the camera to spill my guts to. It’s working.

People are listening to the podcast. They’re also watching the vlog. It’s not as much as I would hope but it’s a start. I appreciate everyone who listens and contributes.

I’m going to buy some camera equipment in a few weeks. Although I’m currently vlogging with my iPhone, the real deal starts when I have my camera because the sheer amount of content I’ll be able to produce will be double or triple the amount I can produce with this iPhone.

As for podcasting, it’s super easy for me to spill my guts on the mic.

Candid speaking is my communication style. You, the audience, are able to experience my whole personality when I’m candid. It’s more intimate. I like intimate.

My dream is to talk on a stage sharing ideas with like minded individuals.

I mainly talk about psychology. The undercurrents of life is what I find the most intriguing.

That, personal development and strength training. Those are going to be the topics I’ll be discussing.

I’m curious to see where it takes me.

I’m curious to see who I’ll meet along the way. I’m pretty sure there are others who feel the same way I do.

In a world of superficiality, where are those who cherish the deeper understanding of life.

Not the people who post “abstract art” and pop culture reference to seem edgy, cool and profound.

But the people who actually dive deep into the timeless work of the geniuses that came before us.

This is what I hope to achieve. Start dialogue with others who are just as curious out the matrix as I am.

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