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Many people who have the most amount of potential, believe it or not, do not amount to anything at all in actuality. They are the people we see do amazing things, say amazing things, think amazing things but hardly ever on a grand scale. Why?

Why is it that people who are brilliant in school, work, etc, do not achieve all that they are capable of? Because they aren’t STRONG enough.

Most people walk around like zombies, just coping their way through life. They use defense mechanisms in order to rationalize their misguided paradigms of the world. Not to say that there are not any screwed up things in the world, but to be cynical to the point of generalized misery is selling ourselves short. What I’m getting at is the lack of aliveness in people due to the fact that they are always trying to take in order to fill a void. These people, zombies, or better yet, psychic vampires are always looking for the next emotional state to feed off of to feed something that does not exist in the first place. 

Rather than giving value, giving positive emotional states, giving compliments, they are always fishing for the best way to take these things from people and circumstances; through passive means, or otherwise.

Where does being strong come into all of this? Being strong means that we put our mind, body, and spirit into alignment in such a way that we are able to give freely without expectation, without taking something in return and being fulfilled while doing it. In order to be strong, the self-actualized being takes care of their body by consuming, nutritious, high vibrational foods that keep the body healthy and vital. In order to be strong, the self-actualized being consumes reading material and information that strengthens their mind. In order to be strong, the self-actualized being has a spiritual practice that keeps them connected with the infinite, eternal, unbounded source of energy that flows through all of life itself.

When one is strong, they are able to receive instead of take. Strong enough to give, give, give of themselves everyday to the best of their ability. They are able to give all they have to offer to whom it applies, when it applies. They are able to complete of the puzzle that one, seemingly random, person standing at the bus stop was looking for in order to come up with the next best idea that propells humanity forward.

We want to be STRONG!

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