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After 6 months of writing on this platform(, I’ve finally been curated…once.

I’ve come to the realization that writing is not an art. Yup, you read that right. It is not an art. Well, not to me.

I’ve finally been “curated” and it made me realize that writing is not just an art. It’s useful. Those of you who know what is know the value in being curated. For those of you who don’t know, being curated means that a specific piece of content was selected to be distributed across the surfaces of the Medium platform(it also means you can earn a decent income on the side as well).

Being curated was important to me because I want my writing to be useful. It’s one of the reasons I initially started writing on that platform(before the Medium Partner Program. There’s a standard of writing on the platform that leaves no room for content that has little utility.

I think many of us, including myself, get caught up in what “writing can do for me” rather than what we can do for others with our writing.

When I wrote this article: What Your Personal Trainers Won’t Tell You About Diet

I wrote it from a place of frustration and good intention. Frustration with the lack of perspective in the fitness industry and with good intention to add to the conversation.

This is not to say that there aren’t already good information out there that properly promotes doing the right things in order to achieve our fitness goals. But there’s an emphasis on the shiny, snappy, attention grabbing aspects of health and fitness while people are dying of preventable fitness related diseases such hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

How This Platform( And The Writing Community Helped Improve My Writing

I look back on some of my writing from earlier on and they were straight up trash. Most of them still are BUT I enjoy the process of getting better each and everyday. I’m learning how to format correctly, how to write headlines, how to be persuasive and write “listicles”(didn’t even know that was a word until I came to this platform).

I still have no idea what to do with sentence fragments or what they even mean BUT, again, I enjoy the process of learning.

So, I learned, writing is not an art. It’s a habit forged from being consistent, willing to learn, open to criticism and most importantly, being useful.

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