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I’ve been listening to this artist, Larry June since July of last year. I find his music to be quite refreshing but what’s even more refreshing is his straightforward, realistic approach to willing things into existence.

He’s not only a rapper/artist, he is a brand. A brand that promotes turning nothing into everything.

His story is much like many others, about hustling to make it by any means, sometimes unbecoming means.

The biggest lesson I educe while listening to his music is to stay consistent and have faith in your work.

Forget validation

We all seem to rely on other people validating our efforts.

Through feedback we determine what we need to tweak in our product to make it viable, better, so that our product can perform.

This is a huge problem, well atleast for me, because I do this writing thing because it is what wells up from within me.

I enjoy writing.

I enjoy putting work out that I’m proud of. I simultaneously enjoy putting work out that other people find value in.

But between the act of finishing a piece of work and hitting the “publish” button there’s a certain level of trust one has to have in not only themselves but their “dope.”

“You gotta trust your dope before you can sell it.”

We are all pushers

This internet thing has opened a lot of lanes up for a diverse group of people with a diverse background, namely people from earth.

The internet has merged our consciousness allowing for us to partake in a market where we “push” our product.

We are given the opportunity to sell some great work that people get addicted to, work that people live on.

As amazing as this sounds, it’s a little disheartening to know that many people have dope product to push but they don’t.

Why is that?

These people have no trust in their product. They’ve trusted themselves enough to sit down to get it done but they rarely publish.

People take the publish button more seriously than it really is.

They wait for what they think is their “best” work then they hit publish.

But I’m 100% sure there are many gems buried deep within their drafts that they refuse to share simply because they don’t trust it.

Your work is an extension of yourself

If you trust yourself you should be able to trust your “dope” then why is it that most of us don’t trust our product?

From my observations it seems as if people think they are separate from their product.

This is why self-development is important to me.

My full-time job, 24/7, is to develop myself in a constantly fashion.

Everything springs from moving toward self-actualization every day, including my writing.

As I grow as a person, so does my product. As I live through experiences, my writing gets that much more fortified.

This is why our product is not separate from who we are.

It will never get “better,” per se because no matter how much more improved it becomes, it will always need more improvement.

But I can guarantee that it will grow and blossom.

No matter what point you are in your evolution, trust your “dope.”

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