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By Anthony Boyd

Every now and again I get fed up with seeing these obnoxious “how to” articles on how to write. It’s similar to the fitness industry dopes we put out cookie cutter programs that lack the specificity trainees need to reach their goal, it’s not for everyone.

Everyone is unique. When it comes to your writing, take into account that YOU ARE writing. Not the writing marketing guru who made $1,000 from their latest Medium article. Or your favorite author, or blogger.

All of these rules for writing will crush your spirit as a writer, especially if you’re writing with the express purpose to make money. Yes, you should be getting paid to write but you don’t have to.

I feel like people saw the opportunity to make money from their craft and decided to offer their integrity up for a few peanuts.

What about the craft?

What about the reason you got into writing in the first place?

My thing is this, find a balance. You can write your stories for you, for the craft. And if you have some other “thing” you’re good at, write about that in all of the marketing format you wish in order to sell whatever it is you wish to sell.

Include the call to actions at the end of the pieces, all the fancy spacing(because apparently single line paragraphs are the shit these days) and whatever else makes the piece marketable.

But at the end of the day, put the writing first.


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