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I remember this game called lemmings. It was played on the earliest consoles, including Atari in the heyday of video games.

These little creatures were always moving from one end of the level to the other end of the level.

It was your job to get these creatures to successfully move from one end of the map to the exit while avoiding booby traps, obstacles, pools of lavas and cliffs.

In other words, you had to create safe passage for as many of these green haired monsters as possible to reach the exit.

Each lemming has the ability to walk in any direction while ignoring any other lemming in its way.

Seems familiar?

In society it seems the name of the game is to clear a path of destruction for one another. Namely, cheering each other off a cliff.

We as a society thoroughly enjoy watching each other fall off of cliffs. And I mean that quite literally.

With the voyeurism of social media almost at full scale, people can’t seem to look away from others being filmed in the last moments of their lives.

People also seem to derive mirth from sensational “news” that reports another’s downfall.

So what is this?

This is human nature, I guess.

It seems as if the lizard brain of society is dominant.

Or maybe it’s the shadow side of the collective unconscious casted over us.

In either case, it seems there’s no room for the notion that “iron sharpens iron.” Whether people realize it or not, a majority are anti improvement, much more, anti self-improvement.

These days people are being celebrated for being at unhealthy weights.

Music that glorify drugs, sex and abuse top the charts.

The message that “you are good as you are” is being pumped into the minds of the youth by way of participation trophies, making sure competition stays low.

All of these destructive assertions have people aspiring to be the worst versions of themselves, not their best.

The other day I saw someone tweet that during this period of stillness due to the pandemic, that people should take this time to work on a side hustle. Some side passion that would give them relief from having one stream of income.

I watched this tweet get dog piled.

What exactly was wrong with what he said?

Meanwhile, the latest celebrity gossip nonsense is heralded around the internet.

News of the downtrodden is worshipped while light workers are mocked.

There’s multiple movements that encourage people to be their worst. Be their laziest. Then conveniently there’s companies that sell the panacea for the ailments that come along with. this unbecoming way of living.

Cheering each other off of a cliff then trying to sell them a parachute on the way down.

If you don’t know if you’re being cheered off a cliff, you’re probably one of those clueless lemmings careening to the bottom.

We each have a duty to hold our fellow neighbor accountable. We should be encouraging each other to be our best.

Now there are some people who truly don’t believe that but sit by and watch their society being destroyed.

I’m an observer of duality. If it’s possible to cast shadows on society by pumping poisonous energy into it via music, art, writing, news, etc — then it’s possible to shed light into the shadowy corners of our collective psyche.

Some people will say that it is not your duty to help others. But I’m seeing more and more that is not true.

We are society. We are one. What hurts one person hurts another. What hurts them hurts us. And what hurts your neighbor hurts you.

On the flip side, helping others benefits you immensely.

What we should be doing is finding ways to use our God given gifts to improve society. Not destroy it by selfishly being the sole beneficiary.

The amount of apparent nihilism in this current era is astounding.

People see no need to improve themselves. The one or two individuals peppered within this large crowd of defeatists are persecuted for wanting more for their lives.

The sad thing about these defeatists is that deep down inside they can feel the walls of their mediocrity closing in on them.

Time is the catalyst for the perpetual shadow of their impending end time.

Whether they know it or not, they want a happy future filled with health, wealth and loving relationships.

But as I mentioned before, they are being cheered off a cliff.

Don’t be like them. Don’t be like Ned the nihilist. Or like Lucy the loser.

They will always try to knock you down a notch, or clear a path for that cliff for you to fall off of.

Here’s how you avoid all of that.

In the face of countless, negative Nancy character types, keep working to clear a path to the brightest future you can think of.

Whatever it is you do, keep working at it. Your work will be the shield, the aura that protects you from the onslaught of naysayers.

Be one of the few that make it to that exit.

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